How Do I Choose the Best Online Parenting Classes?

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To choose the best online parenting classes, look for accredited online courses and those that offer a certificate of completion in addition to online credits. Diligently research a course’s reputation, as well as an instructor’s credentials before enrolling in parenting education courses. Asking for recommendations from others who have taken online parenting classes may also help you choose the best online classes to provide you with a sound parenting education.

If you have been ordered by a court or other official agency to participate in parenting classes, it is important to find classes that meet the court’s standards for parenting education. A list of resources will likely be provided for you at the time courses are ordered, and may include a list of online educational resources, as well. In choosing one of these options, be sure to select online parenting classes that will fit into your current schedule and that you can complete within the time frame ordered.


Many engage in online parenting classes to learn about effective parenting techniques for children of varying ages. When choosing online learning solely for this purpose, be sure the classes you are considering offer parenting information for children of the exact age group you are parenting or hope to parent soon. A good online education in parenting should also introduce you to other ages and upcoming stages of development. Look for courses, therefore, that either discuss different parenting stages or that offer you resources for further education online for different developmental stages.

Parents preparing for special parenting circumstances, such as adoption, divorce, single parenting, teenage parenting or grandparents preparing for full custody of grandchildren, often find parenting classes tailored for such circumstances to be quite helpful. Taking your unique parenting needs into consideration, choose online parenting classes that specifically address areas where you feel you need focused attention. In addition to an online education, choosing classes that offer other online educational resources and support groups may also be helpful.

Asking friends, family members and co-workers for recommendations for online parenting classes is also a good way to find the best available courses. If you are working toward an online degree or special certification, select courses that offer credits or a certificate of completion, and be sure that the course is taught by a reputable source. Choose the online parenting classes that meet all of your needs while providing a strong foundation for a further education if you decide to take more classes or pursue a degree in the future.


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