How Do I Choose the Best Online Illustration Classes?

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When you are considering different online illustration classes to earn your degree, there are several aspects of the program that you should consider before enrolling. You should consider aspects such as the types of programs, the types of degrees or certificates you can earn, the costs and any career or job placement help that the online illustration classes provide.

One of the first things you want to verify is if the entire program is online. Some programs require a combination of in-classroom and online classes. If your intention is to complete the entire program online, ensure that all of the online illustration classes are completed over the Internet.

Second, you want to verify the types of certificates or degrees that the online illustration classes allow you to obtain. Programs can include associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees. Depending on which type of degree you are trying to earn, make sure that the online illustration classes you are thinking of enrolling in allow you to earn credits toward your desired degree.

When you are researching the types of degrees you are able to obtain with the program, you should also check on the accreditation of the educational institution. Most employers only recognize degrees that are earned at an accredited institution, so you do not want to waste your time going through a program that will not help you land a job upon graduation.


The cost of the online illustration program is a major factor in the decision making process. Some advanced programs may require students to buy specialty software programs or supplies. Illustration software programs can be very expensive, but necessary to take the classes, so check into the costs of enrolling in the online illustration classes that go beyond tuition.

Illustrators can fill many different roles in the business world. Some of the positions you will be eligible to fill depend on the type of degree that you earn. Before enrolling to take online illustration classes or committing to any one program, inquire as to what type of post-graduate help the educational institution offers to help you find a job.

Some of the careers that you may be able to pursue once you earn a degree as an illustrator include a computer animation designer or digital illustrator. Other options are animators, visual artists and art directors.


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