How Do I Choose the Best Online EMT Classes?

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An emergency medical technician (EMT) works for a regional government entity or a private medical company to provide basic life support as a first responder in emergency medical situations. Technicians drive ambulances, transport patients, administer medicine, and work to save lives when they respond to medical emergencies. Most regions require an EMT to be certified in basic life support, and while the certification process varies based on location, generally the process involves attending classes and passing a test. Some areas allow online EMT classes to be used as part of the certification process. You can choose the best online EMT classes by evaluating the cost, school reputation, and material covered throughout the course.

In the United States, EMTs are certified at the state level. Other regions may allow for EMT certification at the city or national level. For most areas, there are at least two different types of EMT classification, with each type requiring a different certification process. The most basic level typically works daily with a paramedic partner. Paramedics are generally allowed to perform higher level medical procedures and have authorization to administer different types of medicine.


Depending upon regional standards, it may be possible to use online EMT classes to move up between each level of the certification process. Community colleges, vocational schools, and online universities may offer online EMT classes that can be used towards the certification process. Prices will vary based on regional tuition costs and the number of hours of coursework taken. Some colleges may offer a general flat-rate cost for the online EMT classes needed to complete a general EMT certificate. Certificates issued by colleges online are generally not the same type of certification required by regional authorities in order for you to become an EMT.

Online EMT classes can provide you with the information you need to learn to pass the knowledge portion of the regional certification test. You may still need to complete practical hours working with an ambulance crew or in a hospital to complete the certification process. When choosing online EMT classes, you should first check the list of material that is tested on your local exam and make sure the material you need to know will be covered. One way to effectively use online EMT classes is to use the classes to help study for any re-certification exam that is required by your region if are already an EMT. Some colleges may allow you to pick and choose specific classes, which can allow you to customize your learning process.


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