How Do I Choose the Best Olive Oil Decanter?

Solomon Branch

To choose the best olive oil decanter, sometimes referred to as a cruet, several factors need to be taken into account. A good decanter will be made of a solid material, have a good stopper, and will be dark in color to protect the olive oil. It is best to get a decanter that has a stopper on top, unless you are only going to use it to serve a meal.

Olive oil being poured from a decanter.
Olive oil being poured from a decanter.

An olive oil decanter helps remove sediment that is created when the olive oil is initially pressed and bottled. When you pour the olive oil from its original bottle into the decanter, the sediment is left in the bottle. In most cases, decanters also make the olive oil easier to pour. They also offer a stylish elegance to a table or meal, and they help aerate the oil to give it more flavor.

Olive oil is great for cooking a variety of meals.
Olive oil is great for cooking a variety of meals.

The material the olive oil decanter is made from will help determine how well the flavor of the oil is retained. Glass, crystal, and glazed ceramic are the best choices because they don’t affect the flavor of the oil. They will also keep the olive oil safe in the cold if it is put in the refrigerator, which is good to do if it gets too hot where the oil is being kept.

Coloring is also important. An olive oil decanter should be dark to protect the oil. Light and heat can cause the oil to break down and turn rancid if left exposed too long. It can also affect the taste of the oil, even before it is spoiled.

When choosing an olive oil decanter, find one that has a stopper on top. It should be made of the glass, crystal, or metal. Cork is also a good choice but can disintegrate over time. Stoppers will help keep too much air from getting into the oil when stored, and many of them have spouts on top that streamline the pouring process. Make sure the stopper fits snugly on top of the decanter. Decanters are available without stoppers, but they won’t keep the olive oil from going rancid if stored for a period of time.

There are a wide variety of places to purchase an olive oil decanter. The widest variety will probably be found in gourmet food shops or stores that specialize in certain materials, such as crystal. Some more inexpensive glass decanters can be found at department stores and larger retail stores.

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