How do I Choose the Best off Campus Apartments?

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Choosing the best off campus apartments depends on the individual in question and his or her finances. Some people prefer to live farther from campus, while others believe that living close to your university promotes good work habits. Many students find that off campus apartments are feasible only if the apartment will be shared with roommates, but students who are in less expensive areas or who have financial security may be able to get by living alone. In general, the best strategy for choosing off campus apartments is to first decide on the features needed and your budget and then search for apartments that meet those requirements.

Money is often the biggest barrier to moving into off campus apartments, but living off campus can be less expensive than living in a dormitory in some cases. Even so, most students find that an apartment that is inexpensive is the best option for a student. Inexpensive apartments need not be poorly designed, but you may need to sacrifice certain amenities in order to live off campus. It is also common for people who choose to live with roommates to be able to afford more luxurious apartments because the cost per person is lower.


When choosing the best off campus apartments, distance from school is often a major concern as well. In areas where transportation is easy, living far away from campus may not be a problem. This is particularly true if apartments that are near school are significantly more expensive than those that are farther away. Off campus apartments near school, however, promote good work habits and may prevent students from getting lazy about seeking resources from campus. In the end, the appropriate distance for off campus apartments is a matter of personal preference.

Which apartments are the best apartments will depend on the person in question, his or her finances, and also on the area where the apartment must be found. If you must enter into a lease, the length of that lease must be considered as well. Students must also make sure that the off campus apartment will accept the renters in question, as full-time students must often get cosigners on lease agreements. Making a list of all necessary requirements can help prevent disappointment later.

One great way to look for this type of apartment is by using special websites designed to cater to students or by talking with student life organizations that may be more familiar with the area. At most schools, older students generally have a better understanding of what apartments are suitable for students. Asking around can be the best way to find the perfect off campus apartment.


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