How Do I Choose the Best Nursery Rugs?

Tara Barnett

Any rug can be used in a nursery, but certain rugs are considered more appropriate than others for a room designed for an infant. Pragmatically, rugs that are easy to clean are often considered the best nursery rugs, as spills and messes are common in this type of room. In terms of aesthetic design, judgments about which rugs make the best nursery rugs are largely personal. Even so, it is very common to see nursery rugs in pastel shades and light colors with friendly, happy motifs because people tend to associate this type of design with babies.

You should avoid shag carpets or rugs with long pile that may hide tiny objects from adult view.
You should avoid shag carpets or rugs with long pile that may hide tiny objects from adult view.

One of the most important qualities to look for when choosing a nursery rug is durability. This type of rug is often the site of many spills and messes as well as a significant amount of foot traffic. For some people, it may make more sense to purchase a rug that is inexpensive for a nursery so that it can be easily replaced. When choosing nursery rugs, it is also important to consider how safe the rug is in terms of chances of tripping on it, as a nursery should certainly be a safe place to walk around with a baby.

Designs for nursery rugs are highly varied, with some resembling rugs for adult rooms and others displaying explicitly baby-oriented themes. Even though it is extremely common for nurseries to be designed in lighter colors, there is no real reason why a nursery could not be any color. One thing to keep in mind when choosing rugs in baby-oriented designs is that once there are no more babies in the household, the rug owner may need to get rid of the rug. This problem can be avoided by purchasing rugs that are more thematically neutral that could be used in other areas of the house.

Choosing the best nursery rugs also depends on what kind of design is already in the nursery. A rug is usually chosen after much of the design has already been determined because rugs are not usually centerpieces in this type of room. The nursery rug should complement the design in terms of theme and color, although a contrasting rug can be appealing in some cases as well. It is important to remember that the nursery rug is as much for the parents as it is for the child, so if the parents find the color overwhelming, it may be a good idea to tone it down. Most people want a nursery to be a peaceful place where parents can spend time with a child, so finding a balance between child-appropriate rugs and an aesthetically pleasing design is very important.

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