How do I Choose the Best Non-Aluminum Deodorant?

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Many people choose to use non-aluminum deodorant to protect the planet and their bodies from over-exposure to aluminum as well as to other chemicals, such as phthalates, triclosan, and propylene glycol. Choosing the best non-aluminum deodorant can be tricky, as some deodorants wear off quickly and none of them block sweat. The best deodorants not only mask odors, but kill the bacteria that cause them.

When on the market for a better non-aluminum deodorant, you may be tempted to purchase one that has a strong scent, as it may seem that the scent will make the deodorant more effective. Unfortunately, some scented natural deodorants have a tendency to make body odor worse as the day goes on, because the fragrance from the deodorant simply combines with your natural sweat and body odor. If you do purchase a non-aluminum deodorant with a strong fragrance, look for one that has some sort of natural anti-bacterial ingredient as well. Some deodorants contain hops, which are antimicrobial.

If the deodorant lists fragrance as one of its ingredients instead of a specific product that produced the scent, you may want to leave it on the shelf. Fragrances are often synthetic and may disrupt hormones. A good non-aluminum deodorant will use essential oils for scent or be completely unscented.


You should also examine the other ingredients when looking for the best non-aluminum deodorant. While some deodorants claim to be pure and natural, they actually contain ingredients that may be ecologically harmful or may cause irritation to your skin. Some non-aluminum deodorant brands contain propylene glycol, which gives the deodorant its stick form, but can also irritate skin and eyes. A few aluminum-free deodorants also contain ethanol alcohol, which can also irritate the skin, or ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Some people swear by the crystal rock deodorant. The crystal deodorant is a large rock made from potassium alum. Although it is made from an aluminum salt, it is different than the aluminum found in conventional antiperspirants. The body most likely cannot absorb the alum from the crystal, because its molecules are too large. You apply it by wetting it and rubbing it under your arms. In its solid form, the crystal has no scent, but several companies produce liquid forms of the crystal that contain added essential oils for fragrance.

Another downside of non-aluminum deodorants is that they tend to cost more than conventional antiperspirants and deodorants. The crystal may be the least expensive, as it usually costs less than $7 US Dollars (USD) and can last a year or longer. If you are on a budget, look for a longlasting deodorant that is comparable to the priciest conventional ones.


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Well, here in India, I have found one which is free from aluminum and alcohol both. It's called Eva Diva and comes in spray bottles and is skin friendly.

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