How do I Choose the Best Nicotine Pills?

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Also known as nicotine capsules or stop smoking pills, nicotine pills are often helpful in overcoming nicotine addiction and breaking the habit of using tobacco products. Products of this type are often offered over the counter as well as by prescription only. In order to obtain the most benefit from the pills, it is necessary to work with a physician who can help you determine the right product based on ingredients, dosage and the design of the program that is used in quitting nicotine consumption.

Today, there are several nicotine pills available by prescription that are ideal for people who have smoked or used other forms of tobacco for a number of years. Most of these products make it possible to satisfy the body’s craving for nicotine by using a tiered system that incrementally decreases the amount of nicotine consumed each day. With pills of this type, the end user may remain on the same dosage for several days, then go to a slightly lower dosage for several more days, continuing this trend until he or she is free of the craving for nicotine. Nicotine pills of this sort are often sold in blister packets that make it easy to keep up with how many pills to take each day, and at what points during the day each pill should be taken.


A different approach to nicotine pills is the use of over the counter products that use herbs to reduce the body’s desire for nicotine. These herbal pills and capsules are touted to not only make it easier to calm nicotine cravings, but also begin to replace some of the nutrients that are reduced in the body due to the use of tobacco products. Products of this type are often a good option if the smoker is concerned about negative interactions of prescription products with other medications, or prefers to use a natural process to break the tobacco habit. If herbal stop smoking aids are used, it is important to do so under the care of a physician, and to check into the background of the manufacturer to determine what safety and quality standards are employed in the creation of the products. This is especially important if there are little to no governmental regulations regarding the manufacturing and sale of herbal products within your home country.

It is important to note that while one type of nicotine pills may be very effective for a particular nicotine addict, they may have little to no effect for a different individual. Ideally, the pills should help to calm cravings and make it possible to avoid the mood swings, irritability, nervous jitters, and inability to sleep that many people experience when attempting to end their use of cigarettes and other products containing nicotine. Take the time to investigate each option and its ability to reduce cravings and other symptoms and go with the product that is likely to produce the best results. Keep in mind that if your initial selection does not seem to do the job, there is a good chance that the next type of nicotine pills you try will provide the relief needed and make it possible to stop smoking permanently.


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