How Do I Choose the Best New Aftershave?

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Before you buy a new aftershave lotion, read the list of ingredients. A new aftershave may have chemicals or additives that can irritate your skin if you're sensitive to them, so it's best to buy a product that is hypoallergenic. Your cosmetics counter may have small samples or a tester to try before buying a new aftershave. Any aftershave you consider should not have a heavy or strong scent, especially for daytime use. You may also choose your aftershave formula in a balm, gel, cream, or lotion.

Aftershave lotions and creams are available for men and women. In the past, fragrance product formulas for sensitive skin types were more commonly made for women, although new aftershave products for men are being marketed all the time. A wide selection of aftershave products can be found at many cosmetic counters and department stores. Don't buy a new aftershave based on the scent alone.

Consider your skin type when buying a new aftershave or cologne. If you have oily skin, you might want an aftershave with an astringent, which works well with acne-prone skin as well. Don't use an aftershave containing a harsh astringent, however, if you have very sensitive skin. A moisturizing aftershave lotion or cream works best for dry skin types.


Avoid an aftershave product or cologne that contains alcohol if your skin is dry or flaky. If you cannot find a scent that is free of alcohol, locate a supplier that sells only natural cosmetics and aftershave products. Natural aftershave will generally be made from plant-based ingredients less likely to cause skin irritation or allergies.

Some aftershaves and colognes contain natural aloe, which can be very soothing to the skin. Aloe is also a natural moisturizer and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Choose a new aftershave that contains aloe and vitamin E for a cool, refreshing tingle after shaving, and healthy looking skin.

Also, consider whether you plan to use your new aftershave with another fragrance. If you have a favorite cologne that you wear regularly, it's best to buy a new aftershave that is fragrance free. You might also consider buying a package containing cologne and aftershave made with the same scent.

If you spend time outdoors in direct sunlight, consider an aftershave with sunscreen protection. Aftershaves and colognes that contain sunblock are a good choice for those with fair skin types. Read the ingredients to be sure these are not alcohol based.


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Post 2

I was always the kind of shaver who literally splashed a handful of Old Spice aftershave on my face after shaving. It would sting for a full minute, but then I felt like I had done something good for my skin. Sometimes my face would start to feel tight after a few minutes, though, and I realized it was the alcohol in the aftershave evaporating.

Now I use an actual aftershave lotion after I get done with the razor. It's a cream lotion my wife found in the men's section of an upscale cosmetics store. There's a pre-shaving conditioner that stiffens the beard hairs, then a gel shaving cream with aloe, then the unscented aftershave lotion. I use real cologne sparingly instead of relying on scented aftershave for fragrance. I tell people now to look for a complete shaving kit, not just an aftershave product.

Post 1

When I was younger, I used aftershave instead of cologne a lot. Aftershave was far less expensive than the equivalent cologne, and it was hard to apply too much of it. The one thing I rarely used aftershave for was as a soothing agent after shaving. I didn't like the burning sensation of an alcohol-based aftershave on my raw skin.

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