How do I Choose the Best Nebulizer System?

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To choose the best nebulizer system for your individual needs, ask your physician for his recommendation. He may also tell you where you may find the best selection. You'll need to determine which parts or accessories will be needed for your particular model, and if you prefer to purchase it as a set or buy components individually.

Nebulizer accessories will most likely be needed regardless of the type of medication you require. It may seem overwhelming at first, but your health care provider will most likely provide you with instructions regarding the essentials you will need. Your first step should be to locate a local supplier from which to purchase your set or nebulizer system.

You can look through your local telephone directory, or make your purchase online. Be certain the supplier has excellent customer satisfaction and customer service. If you're uncertain, read consumer reviews to check the company's ratings. If the nebulizer system will be for a child, buy your accessories or set from a dealer who specializes in children's health care. Be certain the model you choose comes with clear operating instructions, as well as a set up guide.

Also consider whether you'd prefer disposable nebulizer sets, and whether you require portability. The disposable option may be best for those who travel frequently. This saves the time and hassle of having to disinfect the unit each time it has been used. Reusable nebulizers can be practical for every-day and long-term use, however.


In your efforts to assemble a suitable nebulizer system, you'll need several accessories. You'll most likely require items such as nebulizer masks and filters. Filters are essential for filtering micro-particles that can make you ill from the system. Impurities such as dust and toxins need to be filtered so that you will be breathing the purest possible air. If purchasing a replacement filter, be sure the filter is one that is recommended for your unit.

Consider whether you want a battery-operated nebulizer system or one that works on electrical current. Portable compressors are good for travel or for when you're at work. Rechargeable batteries can be found at most discount stores. You also will need a battery charger. If your nebulizer set is not a portable model, choose one with an AC adapter or you'll need to purchase one separately.

If someone other than yourself will be dispensing the medication via the nebulizer, choose a user-friendly system. More complicated systems might not be practical for the user who has little or no experience with nebulizers. The caretaker should be given detailed instruction on proper use of the nebulizer before initial use.

Lastly, check all parts of the nebulizer system to ensure it's high quality. The tubing should have no tears or bends. The cup should be sturdy enough and be adequately sized to hold the necessary medication. If a mask will be used, be certain it fits properly, especially if it is intended for a child.


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