How do I Choose the Best Nearsighted Glasses?

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If you are nearsighted and need new glasses, you should consider a few details before you choose. You will first need to decide on the frame material, such as plastic or metal. The style of your nearsighted glasses can be important, too, as the shape of your face, and your personal preference, usually factors in to this choice. Of course, the lenses of your nearsighted glasses are also important, and you can typically choose between plastic, glass, and similar materials

Before you choose the frame material, consider your lifestyle. For example, plastic frames are often known for the ability to withstand being dropped, but can snap in half when sat on or stepped on. If, on the other hand, you are athletic and need the glasses to stay on your face at all times, you may want to choose flexible metal frames, as these can bend to fit your face well. For a pair of nearsighted glasses that will not break easily, titanium may be your best bet, as this material is unlikely to snap or bend, even under pressure.


The appearance of the frames can be just as important as the durability of the material, as your glasses are one of the first details most people will notice about you. If you have an oval or round face shape, rectangular glasses are often the most flattering since they can bring out the angles in your face. On the other hand, square faces often look best with oval or round nearsighted glasses. Of course, the color and design of the frames can also be considered important, as these details can help reflect your style. Choose a shade that you like and wear often, so that you can typically match the glasses to your attire, and make sure the design is appropriate for work, as odd or wild styles may be overly distracting.

Another way to choose the best nearsighted glasses is to consider the lenses, though this choice often depends on your vision. For example, plastic lenses are thick and durable, and are usually best for those with mild or moderate vision correction. On the other hand, polycarbonate lenses are typically even more durable than the plastic kind because they are shatter-resistant while also being thinner, and are recommended for those with mild to moderate correction, as well. If you have a high amount of vision correction, high-index lenses may be best, as these are more powerful yet remarkably thin and light. Finally, glass is another possibility for lenses, but despite its scratch resistance, it is not very popular due to its heavy weight.


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Post 2

I am nearsighted and have worn glasses for many years. It used to be that I had just one pair of glasses that I wore all the time, and for every occasion. Then I discovered some great sites where I could buy eyeglasses online.

The prices are very reasonable, and so now I have several pairs of eyeglasses. It is nice to change my glasses depending on the day or occasion. The glasses that I wear outside to work in the yard are different than the ones I wear to work. The glasses that I wear to a wedding or very nice event are different than the ones I wear around home.

It is just nice to have the option to choose from different styles, instead of wearing the same pair all the time.

Post 1

Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses can sometimes be a little more difficult than it sounds. When my young son had to begin wearing glasses, we looked at all the different choices.

Because he was so active in sports and seemed to always be breaking things, we wanted a pair of glasses that were sturdy, yet flexible. The titanium glasses were the ones we ended up going with. We ended paying more than we thought we would at first, but it saved us money in the end.

If we had bought a pair of cheap eyeglasses, we probably would have ended up buying many more pairs through the years than we did.

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