How do I Choose the Best Natural Stone Suppliers?

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Natural stone suppliers can be found locally in most areas. Many retail stone suppliers carry local stone, imported stone and cultured stone. Choosing the best natural stone supplier is a matter of convenience, selection and price. Depending on the project you have in mind, the best value will be stone that is native to the region.

Landscaping stone can be used for walls, patios and walkways. A nearby quarry will carry a supply of locally mined stone products, including aggregates used for driveways and landscaping. Locally mined natural stone suppliers normally provide a showroom for retail customers. The best suppliers will have knowledgeable staff members to help with your selection. Delivery services are provided by nearly all suppliers.

Natural stone veneers are imported from all over the world. The selection available will include a wide variety of types and cuts. Retail stone outlets that specialize in stone products will have the largest selection. Related products and installation services might also be available from these natural stone suppliers. The best suppliers typically have showrooms with samples of fabricated stonework.

Granite and marble are commonly used for countertops and flooring. These stone slabs and tiles typically are imported. Most natural stone suppliers will have a showroom with sample projects. Kitchen cabinet retailers usually have granite countertop displays and samples. Flooring suppliers carry marble and granite tiles that can be used for flooring, counters and wall veneers.


Exotic stone is harvested from around the world. Exotic stones can be used for counters, floors and walls. Most large stone suppliers will carry samples of exotic stones such as onyx, lapis lazuli and various marble species. Many of these products will have to be special-ordered. The best suppliers in this category will provide knowledgeable staff members who are able to help with your selection, because many varieties of stone are not suitable for all purposes.

If specialized natural stone suppliers are not available in your area, you can visit one of the national home improvement chains. They generally carry a variety of stone products, including granite and marble. The salespeople might or might not be familiar with stone products, so do your homework in advance. The pricing is fair because they buy in such large quantities. These stores typically use the services of subcontractors for installation.

Natural stone might not always be your best choice. Cultured stone products are available for interior and exterior applications. A wide variety of innovative and unique surfaces are being produced. Design solutions and product selection guides are available online for your convenience. A list of local suppliers will be available from the various manufacturers.


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Great post. Yes, you are absolutely right, choosing the best natural stone supplier is a matter of convenience, selection and price. I have a marble slab countertop.

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