How do I Choose the Best Natural Remedy for Ringworm?

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Choosing the best natural remedy for ringworm depends on several factors. The first is finding one that works for you; some treatments work for some people and not for others, so choosing the right one may require trying several to find the most effective. There are numerous products, including mustard seeds, papaya, and tea tree oil, that can be applied topically to kill ringworm; your choice of what to use will likely be a matter of personal preference combined with what is readily available for you to buy. In addition to topical treatments, lifestyle changes such as improving cleanliness and modifying diet may also be used as a natural remedy for ringworm, but these require extra effort on your part and so require a level of commitment.

Finding the right natural remedy for ringworm may be a process of trial and error. Different people report different levels of success with most treatments, and some may work faster than others, so you may need to experiment to find the best one for you. In some cases, a natural remedy will be necessary because medical treatments are ineffective.


There are many products that have been used as a natural remedy for ringworm for you to choose from, so pick one you like and you can acquire easily. The juice of certain fruits and vegetables, including papaya, garlic, and carrot combined with spinach, all have properties which help clear ringworm when applied topically each day. Mustard seeds may be used to make a paste that is also often effective. Castor, coconut, and tea tree oils have all been reported to kill a ringworm infection. A combination of salt and lemon juice works for many people to dry up the fungus.

Another type of natural remedy for ringworm is changes in lifestyle. Ringworm is highly contagious and thrives in moist conditions. To stop its spread and help clear existing infections, it is important to keep an active infection clean, dry, and covered, not to share personal items like hairbrushes or towels, and to thoroughly wash and dry clothing that come in contact with the ringworm. Diet also plays an important role; certain foods including coffee and tea, processed white flour, and sugar are known to encourage growth of the ringworm and should therefore be avoided. If you are able to incorporate these changes into your life, they may help clear up the ringworm.


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Post 2

Another natural remedy for ringworm that works for me is eucalyptus oil. It seems to have an antiseptic effect that soothes the skin and makes the ringworm rash heal fast.

All you have to do to make this natural ringworm remedy is purchase a bottle of eucalyptus oil and a small spray bottle. Mix the oil in the spray bottle some water to dilute it, and apply it several times a day until the symptoms of ringworm are gone.

Post 1

I work with animals on a regular basis, and have contracted ringworm from them several times. I have found that natural remedies like the ones mentioned in this article work just as well, if not better, than medications.

Another natural remedy for ringworm that I swear by is aloe vera juice or gel. Not only is it soothing to the skin, but it seems to make the small red spots caused by ringworm heal quickly.

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