How do I Choose the Best Nail Art Paint?

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There are a lot of choices available when shopping for nail art paint, given the increasing popularity of nail decoration. With choices including simple nail art pens, decals and stickers, airbrushing and nail art stencils, there are many options for someone who wants to create art on their fingernails. Think about what designs you would like to create and your nail art experience before heading to the store to buy nail art paint. The final decision on what is the best nail paint will depend on your comfort level, the type of designs you want to create on your fingernails and your budget.

Basic nail decorating can be done with nail polish and a nail art paint pen that can be found in just about any department store. This pen contains nail paint, like polish, but the pen-like dispenser makes it easy to apply to fingernails to create designs that are limited only by your imagination. First, apply your choice of nail polish and let it dry. Next, use the nail art paint pen, which comes in a variety of colors, to create designs on the nail. Paint the nail with a clear top coat to protect the nail art and complete the process.


Nail art paint also can come in bottles that are similar to nail polish but will have a long, thin brush applicator. This product might be a little trickier to apply than the pen, because a steady hand is needed when using the thin and delicate brush. This type of nail art paint typically is found in beauty supply stores, and it comes in many colors. A clear top coat also should be used with this type of nail art paint.

A more experienced nail artist might want to use airbrushing to produce designs on the fingernails. A special machine that blows nail art paint out a small opening is used in conjunction with stencils to create nail art designs. This type of nail art typically is found in nail salons, but with nail art popularity growing, airbrushes and stencils can be purchased at beauty supply stores for home use.

Nail art jewels, stickers and decals can be used in conjunction with nail art paint to create unique fingernail designs. Adding diamonds to a fancy painted nail is a great way to accessorize formal wear. Using colored nail art paint and decals on a fresh manicure is a fun way to celebrate a special event, such as a wedding or holiday.


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Post 4

@lighth0se33 – The nail paint art brushes are a lot easier to use. I must admit that the nails on my left hand end up looking better than those on my right hand, though, because I am a bit shaky and don't have as much control when painting with my left hand.

I can create detailed flowers or letters with the nail polish brushes. They come in so many colors now that it's easier to find the shade you need than to find the shade of art pen polish you need in most places.

Post 3

I was so excited when I got my first nail art paint pens, because I'd been struggling to create designs with the thick brushes that come with the nail polish bottles for years. I expected using them to be so easy, but it wasn't.

You have to press the pen on something in order to get the flow of paint started. Once it starts, you have to be careful not to get too much on your nails, or you'll ruin your design. If you run out of ink in mid-design and need to press it down again, then you will create a rut in your solid layer of polish underneath if it hasn't already dried for a day or two.

I'm so frustrated with them! I want to try that nail polish with the skinny brushes, because I think they would make a much smoother line. I wouldn't have to push hard, so I wouldn't create ruts.

Post 2

@OeKc05 – Airbrush paint for nail art is the best looking kind, in my opinion. I always have mine done in the salon, because I'm not artistic at all, and I have shaky hands.

I did ask my friend how much she paid for her airbrush nail kit just out of curiosity, and she told me that it was over $100. Some even cost $300, but you can get a basic one for $150 or less.

Post 1

I've been doing hand painted nail art for awhile now, but I would love to broaden my horizons and try an airbrush set. Does anyone know how much something like this would cost? I can't afford to spend too much on it right now, but it is something that I would love to save up for, because I think it would let me create salon quality nail art.

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