How do I Choose the Best Nail Art Courses?

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You can choose the best nail art courses by discussing your goals with advisers from local colleges, technical schools, or cosmetology schools in your area. It is also possible to take many nail courses online, depending on your exact career goals. You may also consider buying nail art kits with design books if you are learning nail art for practice or for personal use.

There are a limited number of classes and schools specializing in nail art, although they may be offered in some areas. Cosmetology schools may be the first place to start looking, although you may have to learn additional beauty techniques if there are not separate nail art courses. Technical schools and local community colleges may also offer courses. If you are able to find a course designated for nail art, speak with an adviser to determine what types of designs and artwork you will be trained for.

Some nail art courses may only teach nail painting and the applications or artificial nails, along with general grooming and use of the necessary equipment. Others may have additional coursework on using stencils, spray on colors, and appliques. The courses you choose will depend on which types of art you want to learn.


If there are no formal nail art courses where you live, you may choose to do a correspondence or online course. These provide training through Internet websites, manuals, and art books, with tests taken online if they are necessary for your course. You may have to practice on friends or family as well to hone the skills you are learning. This route may be the only option for many people.

Books and nail art kits are also available and may be used if you want to learn nail art as a hobby or are just getting started and want to see if it’s something you enjoy doing. Many of these kits come with books of ideas for nail art, supplies, and polish. With some, you may have to buy additional polish to do all available designs. In some cases, one of these nail art courses may be all you need to get started in the field.

When choosing nail art courses, you should choose those which will allow you to use your training in the way you want. Professional grade coursework is necessary in many areas if you intend to work in a nail salon, while more casual learners may benefit from less involved courses. Your schedule and location will also have a large impact on the coursework you choose, since formal classes are not available to all students.


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Nail art kits for kids are great gifts for little girls. They allow them to artistic and play dress up at the same time. I found a child's nail art kit for my niece for her birthday, and she has spent hours playing with it.

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I took a nail art course at a local beauty college just for the fun of it. I had a great time meeting new people and learning artistic ways to design fingernails. I occasionally use what I learned to make my nails artsy for special events, just for fun.

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