How Do I Choose the Best Mustache Dye?

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Individuals who want to dye their facial hair should first go to a retailer that sells specially-formulated mustache dye; regular hair dye is often harsher on the face than facial hair dye. The best mustache dye is ideally one that matches an individual's scalp and eyebrow hair — determining this is rather difficult, as dyes tend to differ from the shades displayed on the packaging. Experts advise shoppers to conduct preliminary research on the brands that depict colors accurately and see if they offer mustache dye; otherwise, secondhand testimony from dye users or aestheticians is an individual's best bet. If possible, individuals should check the dyes for any possible allergens and avoid those that contain them. Buyers should also look for dyes that come with added value, such as a mustache comb, in the event that they are lacking in equipment.

Choosing the best mustache dye requires much consideration on the effects the product might have on facial skin. Some brands might prove too harsh for an individual's upper lip, causing general discomfort in the area. In addition, an allergic reaction to one or more of the dye ingredients might cause the skin to redden and swell for a significant amount of time. Buyers should also avoid using dyes that recommend bleaching the hair prior to use, as the bleach can damage the sensitive facial skin. If possible, experts recommend that individuals test the dye first on a very small area of their forearms before purchasing or using the product.


Coloration is another major consideration when choosing a mustache dye, as the dye's shade should be an approximate match for the user's other hair. Some individuals will be able to find a single dye that matches their hair, while others will need to mix different dyes to achieve the desired color. Individuals with black or very dark hair should avoid using black mustache dye, as this tends to make facial hair look fake. Instead, experts recommend using very dark shades of brown to color hair. The accuracy of the dye's color can be difficult to determine, so buyers should look for product reviews and seek consultations with both dye users and professional aestheticians.

In order to get the most value for their money, buyers should check to see if the mustache dye they're considering fills any other needs. The dye, for example, should come in a large enough quantity to color the rest of the individual's facial hair, if there is any. Some packages are sold as dyeing kits and come with equipment that makes the task easier — individuals who lack these tools should strongly consider buying the kits for future convenience.


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