How do I Choose the Best Multivitamin Syrup?

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Purchasing a multivitamin syrup or liquid vitamin is an easy way to ensure the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals for young children or for those who cannot swallow or chew multivitamin tablets. Choosing the right multivitamin syrup relies on consumer awareness and research on whether or not the multivitamin contains nutrients from natural sources. Some synthetic vitamins have been shown to increase the risk for certain deficiencies, such as vitamin E and vitamin D2. It is also important that a multivitamin syrup contain a good source of omega-3 fats to promote brain health and growth.

A liquid vitamin should contain a proper amount of nutrients from natural sources, due to the lack of absorption and risk for future ailments common in synthetic ingredients. The synthetic form of vitamin E, for example, has been shown in some studies to not absorb well into the body. This may increase the rate of deficiency in this vitamin which may increase the risk of cancer and free radical damage. It is always important to see if a multivitamin contains the natural form of vitamin E, called tocopherols, to ensure adequate absorption and assimilation within the body.


Another important vitamin to look for in a multivitamin syrup is vitamin D. Some multivitamins choose to place vitamin D2 in the liquid multivitamin, however this form of vitamin D is not appropriate for the human body. Vitamin D3 is the vitamin which needs to be looked for when purchasing a multivitamin syrup as this is the form naturally derived from sunlight and used for proper bone growth and development. Omega-3 fatty acids are also an important supplement to look for which are sometimes added into liquid multivitamins to aid in brain health and cognitive promotion.

Liquid multivitamins are much easier to take, especially for children who do not necessarily enjoy taking multivitamin capsules or nutritional supplements. It is very easy to mix with water or any other beverage to mask the action of taking a multivitamin. The benefits of a multivitamin syrup include proper growth and brain functioning, better mood by the elevation of nutrient intake and absorption and providing building blocks for proper metabolic processes in the body. Adequate intake of vitamins through multivitamins or whole foods sources have shown a significant decrease in developing the risk for cancer and other diseases.


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Post 4

@donasmrs-- I don't recall the brand names, but there are two syrups with fish oil that taste okay. My dad used liquid vitamin and mineral supplements a couple of years ago because he couldn't swallow after throat surgery. I believe one was lemon flavored and the other was orange flavored.

Also, look for an Omega 3 multivitamin syrup that also has vitamin E because vitamin E helps with the absorption of Omega 3.

Post 3

@anon255748-- I'm not sure if a multivitamin syrup will help with appetite, but it certainly helps kids who have poor appetite to get the necessary vitamins and minerals. Ask your pediatrician for a recommendation.

Also, you might want to make sure that a syrup will be safe for a twelve month old. My son was four years old when he started taking multivitamin syrup regularly. He became a very picky eater suddenly and stopped eating some foods that he used to eat regularly before. The syrup definitely helped. When he didn't take his multivitamin, his hair and nails would become brittle.

Post 2
Does anyone know of a liquid multi-vitamin with Omega 3 that actually has a decent flavor? The last two we tried tasted horrible.
Post 1

My child is 12 months old and has recently lost weight due to lack of appetite, so I would like to know if a multivitamin syrup can help her regain her appetite.

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