How Do I Choose the Best Multiple Sclerosis Herbal Treatment?

Choosing the best multiple sclerosis herbal treatment program can be time consuming and often takes a bit of trial and error to determine which supplements work best for an individual situation. Some of the most frequently used herbs among those with multiple sclerosis include chamomile, fish oil, and St. John's wort. Additional herbs that may be added to a multiple sclerosis herbal treatment program include echinacea, milk thistle, and sage. Due to possible side effects and negative interactions with other medications, a doctor should be consulted before beginning multiple sclerosis herbal treatment. It should also be noted that these supplements work best when combined with traditional treatment methods and should not be used as a substitute for proper medical care.

Chamomile is often used as a multiple sclerosis herbal treatment. This herb is thought to reduce inflammation, prevent muscle spasms, and treat insomnia. These properties may help ease some of the pain associated with multiple sclerosis and allow the patient to sleep more soundly. Side effects of chamomile are rare, but serious allergic reactions may occur among some people.

St. John's wort is frequently added to a multiple sclerosis herbal treatment program. Used to treat symptoms such as nerve pain, headaches, and depression, may people with this disease have reported positive benefits when using this herbal supplement. Possible St. John's wort side effects include dry mouth, vivid dreams, and diarrhea.


Fish oil and echinacea are believed to be helpful for those with multiple sclerosis. Specific multiple sclerosis symptoms that may be treated with fish oil include memory problems, muscle or nerve inflammation, and pain. Side effects of fish oil may include heartburn, nosebleeds, and bad breath. Echinacea may be useful in the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with multiple sclerosis. Sore throat, stomach upset, or insomnia may occur when taking echinacea, especially for an extended period of time.

Milk thistle and sage are popular multiple sclerosis herbal treatment options. Traditionally used to remove toxins from the liver, milk thistle is believed to help purify the blood and may improve the overall health of those with multiple sclerosis. Some of the possible side effects associated with the use of milk thistle include digestive disturbances and allergic reactions. Sage may be used to aid in the digestive process and is also thought to prevent spasms of the muscles and intestinal tract. Long-term use of sage may cause damage to the liver, so periodic blood tests may be needed when using this supplement to treat multiple sclerosis.


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