How do I Choose the Best Motion Detector Floodlight?

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Finding the right motion detector floodlight depends a great deal on the application for which you are looking to use it. You should consider if you want the floodlight to scare away animals or deter intruders from attempting to enter your home. If you want a motion detector floodlight to help light areas or driveways for easier navigation at night, then you should be sure any floodlight you purchase will be able to properly illuminate the area. You may also want to consider the compatibility any motion detector floodlight you purchase may have with your existing security systems or home lighting setup.

A motion detector floodlight is a type of very bright light that is connected to a motion detector, so the light is typically not on, but activates upon the detection of motion. These types of lights are quite common for use in home security or for houses and buildings that may be close to wilderness areas and have problems with wild animals. A motion detector floodlight can also often be used to provide illumination to an area that may be regularly passed through during the night, to allow greater visibility in the area.


The way in which you are going to use a motion detector floodlight can have a fairly large impact upon the type of light you should purchase and the system that you may need in addition to the light. If you are looking to use such a light for scaring away wild animals, such as raccoons that may be digging through your garbage or deer that are drawn to a garden, then you might consider an infrared motion detector floodlight. These types of lights are able to detect heat and will only be activated by a passing animal or person, and not a vehicle or tree branch blown in the wind.

If, on the other hand, you want a floodlight as part of a larger security package, then you should consider the compatibility of the motion detector floodlight with whatever system you already have or are interested in using. You may be able to get such a light from whatever security company you are using, or it may be able to recommend brands that can work well with your current system. It can also be helpful to know the size of the area you are looking to cover and illuminate, since you can rule out lights that do not have the range you want. You may also want to consider alternatives to motion detectors, such as remote controlled lighting.


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