How Do I Choose the Best Mold Specialist?

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When choosing a mold specialist, you should find out whether he or she is licensed or certified to practice mold remediation. Ask friends and family to recommend a mold specialist or do other research to find a reputable specialist. Find out how he or she was trained in mold testing and mold removal and ask about what kind of a guarantee the company offers to back up its services. Other considerations include the price of mold remediation and testing as well as whether the company is capable of scheduling work during times that are convenient for you. In all cases, he or she should be willing to answer your questions regarding the problem of mold in your home and any methods used in its testing and removal.

In some jurisdictions, an individual who works as a mold specialist must be licensed by a government agency before he or she can begin to practice. In other areas, no licensing is required, but professional associations for mold specialists offer certification. If you live in an area where a mold specialist does not need a license to practice, it is a good idea to become familiar with the recognized certification bodies in your area so that you can choose a certified professional to perform mold services at your home or place of business. If licensing is required, ask any mold specialist that you speak to if he or she is licensed and verify the license with the licensing agency.


As is true with hiring any different type of trades person and professional, word of mouth can be an important way of finding good mold removal services. If you don't know anyone who has personal experience with a mold specialist, you may wish to look online to read about other people's experiences with the various mold companies and professionals in your area. You should also ask the mold specialist whether he or she will provide you with a written report after completing testing. If not, you may wish to find a specialist who is willing to back up his or her work in writing.

Don't be afraid to ask a specialist questions about the mold testing or removal process. A good specialist will want to answer any questions that you have. Some mold removal experts also advise working only with a specialist who has insurance, as this can be an indication of experience and expertise. It should be noted, however, that insurance for mold specialists may not be available in every jurisdiction. Before talking to a mold specialist, you may wish to ask a representative of a mold removal trade association if insurance is something that the specialist can be expected to have in the country where you live.


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