How do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Lotion?

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Choosing the best moisturizing lotion is not an easy task, as there are thousands of types of lotions, ointments, and creams on the market, each having specific qualities that can benefit the body. Moisturizing lotions can provide simple skin moisture or they may have sunscreens, skin-bronzing ingredients, or anti-aging capabilities. Selecting the right moisturizing lotion is often a matter of deciding what area of the body needs care, what your skin type is, and how much money you wish to spend to get the results you desire.

Before purchasing an expensive brand of moisturizing lotion, consider the area of the body on which you will use it. Most of the time, consumers have issues with dry, scaling or cracking skin on the extremities of the body. Hands, feet, elbows, knees, and the soles of the feet can often get dry from exposure and require thicker body creams. In addition, the face needs to be moisturized because repeated washing with harsh soaps to remove makeup, or being outside in the elements can dry out the skin.


Get a moisturizing lotion that is right for your skin type if you want good results. For the sensitive skin on your face and body that is prone to breakouts or rashes, choose a moisturizing lotion that doesn’t include perfumes and dyes, and has gentle and natural ingredients that will not irritate delicate areas. When skin is combination or oily, look for moisturizing lotions that contain smaller amounts of oils that can leave an unwanted shine or a greasy feeling. Opt for a lotion that controls oily skin and has anti-acne ingredients that help cut down on pimples.

When choosing moisturizing lotions, be mindful of their ingredients. Often, cheaper brands that include simple ingredients work just as well as the pricier brands. Look for larger bottles for the best value. Sometimes, natural ingredients will provide better results, even if they are a few dollars more. Watch out for overly fragrant lotions that may appeal to the sense of smell, but don’t have many skin-enhancing qualities.

In addition to being concerned with skin types and the ingredients that go into skin care lotions, consider the trouble areas of the body when choosing the best moisturizing lotion. For those who have stretch marks, cellulite, or saggy or aging skin, getting a product that includes toning and anti-aging properties can be helpful to treat those areas and restore a more youthful look. Try several lower cost brands before spending too much on specialty skin care lotions.


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Post 3

Post-delivery, I started looking for a good lotion for stretch marks. I asked all my close friends and family members. The consensus came down to lotions with vitamin E.

There are lotions in stores made especially for stretch marks that contain vitamin E. But I wanted something more affordable so that I could use it for longer. I ended up getting a bottle liquid vitamin E and adding that to my body lotion at home. Liquid vitamin E can be absorbed by the skin.

It's only been two weeks since I started using it but it looks like it's working!

Post 2

@feruze-- I agree with you.

I used to use a moisturizer, which is actually a really popular one, that contains mineral oil (petrolatum in the ingredients list). But when I read an article about petrolatum, I stopped using it completely. Now, I've also switched to all-natural moisturizers.

Did you know that petrolatum is made from crude oil?! And it apparently also has substances in it that are toxic. European countries don't even allow their manufacturers to use it anymore.

I used lotions and moisturizers with petrolatum for many years. But now I have a baby and I noticed that many of the baby lotions have this ingredient too. I don't care if I have to pay twice as much. I'm not going to put anything made from crude oil on my baby's skin.

Post 1

I absolutely love body and hand lotions with beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter in them. They are the best moisturizers. I have very dry skin and my skin can get flaky in winter. I also have problems with knuckles and my knees. They get so rough from dryness.

I've tried many different kinds of moisturizers, but I think the best ones are those with natural ingredients in them. My skin seems to absorb these better and the moisture lasts a lot longer.

Some body lotions have mineral oil or glycerin in them. Those are okay but not moisturizing enough for me. Once in a while, I don't mind using them when my skin is already hydrated to lock in moisture. But definitely not as a daily moisturizing lotion. They don't do anything for me when my skin is dry.

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