How do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Body Butter?

Amy Hunter

Choosing the best moisturizing body butter depends on your reason for wanting a body butter, the condition of your skin, and when you plan to use the body butter. Body butters are moisturizing creams that are heavier than lotions. They are more effective at moisturizing because of their heavier consistency, but they also are slower to absorb, and can leave a residue behind. If you plan to apply the body butter before bed, a heavier cream is fine, however if you plan to wear the body butter during the day, choose a lighter consistency.

Aloe vera is commonly used as a moisturizing ingredient.
Aloe vera is commonly used as a moisturizing ingredient.

Some common moisturizing ingredients to look for in body butter include cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, and almond oil. Vitamin E is also a common ingredient in quality body butters. Take note of the ingredients if you develop a reaction to a particular body butter so that you can avoid them in other products.

Coconut oil is a popular oil to use in body butter.
Coconut oil is a popular oil to use in body butter.

Often people with dry skin also suffer from sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, choose a moisturizing body butter with few artificial ingredients or additives. Ingredients such as vitamin A or sunscreen may sound like good additions, however, for people with sensitive skin they can lead to irritation.

A product that contains shea butter can help moisturize skin.
A product that contains shea butter can help moisturize skin.

People with very dry skin should choose moisturizing body butter with a rich, creamy texture. Apply this cream each night. If, after several nights of regular application, dry skin is still a problem, consider using moisturizing body butter during the day as well. This body butter should be lighter in consistency, although you will still need to allow some additional time for it to soak in before getting dressed for the day.

Scent is an important factor when choosing body butter as well. The scent of moisturizing body butter will linger on the skin for a longer period than a lotion because of the heavier consistency. It is important to choose a scent that you find appealing, not overwhelming.

As long as you choose a body butter that does not cause an allergic reaction, is heavy enough to add moisture, but light enough to soak into the skin, and you find the scent appealing, it is probably a good choice. Itchiness, a product that leaves residue on clothes, or a butter that smells cloying or overwhelming are signs to avoid a particular product. Regular use is the best way to keep skin moisturized.

Cocoa butter is often used in moisturizing body butters.
Cocoa butter is often used in moisturizing body butters.

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Is whipped body butter any different than a regular kind of body butter?

When I was at the store looking at all the body butters, I saw some advertised as being whipped and wondered if there was much difference in the texture.

I have a vanilla body butter that I love using. The vanilla scent goes with everything and is subtle, yet you can still smell it.

When I use body butter, I don't usually spray on any kind of perfume. I think the scent of the body butter is strong enough that it might clash if I was wearing perfume too.


@Mykol - I have found a difference in brands of body butter. Sometimes you have to try more than one to find one that you really like.

I know some people don't mind that greasy feeling as much because they feel like their skin is getting moisturized.

I like a body butter that is moisturizing without leaving that greasy feeling. I have had good results with Delon body butter.

When I use a body butter or lotion, I like to stick with a scent that is more natural. The fruity and floral scents are usually too strong for me.

They have an olive body butter and an almond fig that have just the right amount of scent and moisturizing feel for my skin.


I like the luxurious feel of a good shea body butter, but feel like they leave my skin too greasy. Has anybody else noticed this?

In the summer I like to use a lotion because they have a lighter feel to them. When I have tried a body butter during the colder months it seems like it takes a long time to get that greasy feeling off my hands.

If I try to write something with a pen or even grab a door handle, it seems like it slips right through my hand.

Maybe I am trying the wrong brand, or are all of them this way?


I love using a body butter lotion in the winter when my skin gets so dry. I will put this on as soon as I get out of the shower, and the moisturizing ingredients really absorb into my skin.

I also keep a small jar of this on my nightstand and rub some into my hands and feet before going to bed. If I remember to do this every night, I can tell a difference in my skin.

They have so many wonderful scents to choose from, that I have a hard time finding a favorite. Once I run out of a jar, I like to try a different scent.

I think the floral scents are probably my favorite, and I could go for at least a year and never have a chance to try all of them.

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