How Do I Choose the Best Modern Home Theater?

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To create a home theater in the modern style, you'll typically focus on furniture and accessories with the look of the 1950s and 60s. This typically includes sleek shapes and clean lines. It tends to be a minimalist, uncluttered look that focuses on practical functionality — although it can have an industrial or "space age" look that can complement a home theater room. To incorporate modern technology with a retro look, you'll want to choose low furniture in neutral colors, highlighted with glass and chrome. A large LCD or plasma TV can easily be incorporated into such a look.

People who are interested in modern home theaters usually are interested in having rooms in their homes that contain devices such as television, computers, stereo systems, and speakers. While authentic pieces from mid-century can be re-purposed to hold 21st century electronics, you'll want to make sure that television stands or cabinets are large enough and contains spaces for the many cords required by most electronics to pass through. Since most furniture from this era was not designed for modern purposes, you may find that new furniture that is made to look like it is from the 50s and 60s is less expensive and more practical. The modern style is still very popular, and many designs have been adapted to fit in a modern home theater.


For the most part, people who have modern home theaters are interested in having rooms where they can watch high quality videos, play games, and listen to music. While it is possible to purchase a system that has all features of a modern home theater, you may to purchase parts separately so you can update different aspects of your theater as your budget allows or as more advanced components are introduced. For example, a home theater owner might purchase new speakers that offer higher quality, though keep the same video player and computer.

To choose the best modern home theater equipment, it is important to know in which features you most are interested. For example, if you are not the kind of person who plays video games, but you love films and classical music, you might not care so much about purchasing a computer that has great gaming features. On the other hand, you might need a video player and sound system that is considered to be top of the line. An individual who has children who play games might save money by purchasing a computer that allows for people to play games and watch movies.

To get a modern home theater look, you'll need to incorporate these electronic devices into a design that has an industrial or space age look. Unlike some other forms of design, the modern style tends to match well with many 21st century electronics; the silver and black color scheme is often common to both. You may want to hide video equipment away in a TV stand or console, and you should be able to find furniture in this style that makes this possible. Many people who are interested in this kind of home theater have many cords, wires, and other connections; a rug can help hide these, as can a simple cord cover. When choosing devices, be sure to do your homework and read objective, customer-based reviews of both equipment and furniture.


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