How do I Choose the Best Mobile Phone Charger?

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In order to choose the best mobile phone charger, you will need to consider several factors. The most important factor is what type of charger your mobile phone will need. Some mobile phones have a proprietary connector type that will only work with a specific charger, while others have a generic connector that can be used with a basic charger.

The easiest thing to do to choose a mobile phone charger is to check with the manufacturer of your mobile phone. Most mobile phone companies sell them at their stores or you can check with the manufacturer, which is usually easiest to do online. Although typically more expensive than a charger made by another company, you can be sure it will fit and work with your mobile phone.

If price is a consideration, there are many companies that manufacture chargers for various mobile phones that are typically less expensive than ones made by the manufacturer. There have many varieties to choose from, and some have switchable adapters so you can use them for other types of phones and devices. Typically, a mobile phone charger made to fit your specific phone will work better than one that can be interchanged, as they have more moving parts and are more prone to breaking or losing their connection to the charging source.


Another type of charger is the universal battery charger. Typically, they do not plug directly into your phone, and you need to take your battery out to place them in the charger. If you have two batteries you can alternate between, this might be a viable solution for you.

In June 2009, an agreement was reached with many of the major manufacturers of cell phones to manufacture phone chargers which utilize the Micro-USB connector type as a standard. This has been slow to implement, but by 2011 most manufacturers were in compliance. Purchasing a mobile phone with this type of connector will make it easier to find a replacement mobile phone charger in the future.

Phones purchased prior to 2009 have a lower chance of utilizing the micro-USB standard charger, and it may be difficult to purchase a new charger for the mobile phone unit. The only company that did not agree to the standard in 2009 was the Apple corporation, who manufactures the iPhoneâ„¢. By not adhering to the Micro-USB standard, Apple retains proprietary rights over the phone chargers compatible with their products.


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Post 4

@YougurtPark - Thanks for telling your story. I will definitely remember it the next time I use another cell phone charger other than my own to charge my phone.

However, I do not think that you should never again use another phone charger other than the one that came with your phone. Technology is getting more advanced, and with this advancement comes standardization in the way phones and phone chargers are designed. This makes it easier to interchange cell phone chargers with little risk that they will not fit.

You should look online to see which chargers other than your own are compatible with your phone. Knowing so can help you from making the same mistake twice.

Post 3

This was a great article. It was very thorough and informative. I just thought that I would add my story to this article, as it relates directly to cell phone chargers.

If you can help it, I think it is always best that you use the mobile phone charger that came with your phone when you bought it. Doing so is the best way to make sure that you are using the right charger for your cell phone. If you are not, you could damage your phone beyond repair.

I was spending the night over a friend's house last summer, and I forgot to pack my cell phone charger with me. I use my phone a lot throughout

the day. By the time the day is over, my phone is usually due for another charge.

She claimed that her phone charger would fit into my phone as well. She had some sort of Android phone, and I had a Blackberry. I was skeptical of this, but I decided to give it a try.

The charger was too big to fit in my phone. It was a tight squeeze getting the charger in the phone, and when I pulled it out, it broke off inside of the phone. I took my cell phone to the retailer where I bought it, and they said that it could not be fixed and I needed to buy another phone.

I told my story to say, only use phone chargers made by your phone charger and for your specific phone model. It is not worth potentially breaking your phone with a foreign charger, just so you can have a full charge the next day.

Post 2

Apple would be the company not to be in compliance with the standard micro-USB chargers. They are determined to have sole ownership over their products, and the electronic accessories that are compatible with their products.

That is one of the reasons that I refuse to by Apple products. I just do not like the fact that if I buy an iPhone, for example, I would then have to get iTunes in order to play any music on the phone. I am forced to buy more of their products in order to get full enjoyment out of the first product that I purchased.

The same goes for phone chargers. I have lost mine on more than one occasion. I

like being able to borrow a friend's charger, who has a different phone than me, and charge my phone just the same as if it was my original charger.

I am sure Apple's sales will not be affected by my personal boycott of their products. But it does make me feel good that I am not like every other Apple Junky in the world.

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