How Do I Choose the Best Mobile Beauty Insurance?

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A slip of the shears or problems arising from a facial or pedicure could leave beauticians and salon owners on the wrong end of a lawsuit, for which liability insurance is recommended. Mobile beauticians have even more to think about than standard salon owners when it comes to insurance. Two of the leading considerations to choosing a mobile beauty insurance policy are the price of the policy and the deductible associated with the plan. There are four types of insurance plans for mobile beauticians and, while it would be best to get all four plans, some beauticians may only need or be able to afford one or two of them. It is best for a mobile beautician to get insurance that matches his or her specialties.

Compared to other forms of insurance, mobile beauty insurance is relatively inexpensive. Mobile beauticians and therapists should shop around for insurance carriers to find plans that are within their price range. The annual or monthly payment should not be the only consideration when looking at prices. The amount of coverage and the deductible should they need to file a claim also are important.

There are four primary types of coverage for mobile beauticians. They are professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employee liability insurance and business automotive insurance. Professional indemnity insurance protects the insured party in the event of a lawsuit if he or she makes a mistake. For example, if the mobile beautician cuts a client's hair too short and the client sues as a result, any damages awarded or settlement reached may be paid by this insurance plan.

Public and employee liability insurance are not quite as essential as professional indemnity insurance, but they are still a good idea. These plans cover the mobile beautician if a client or worker, respectively, gets hurt. For example, if the client or worker touches a hot curling iron, then the mobile beautician can be sued for liability. This insurance will cover the beautician in such an instance.

Unlike other beauticians, a mobile beautician may need business automotive insurance. The beautician is moving around so often that it is possible he or she will get into a car accident. The car is used for work, so regular car insurance will not cover the damage, meaning mobile beauty insurance also should cover business vehicles.

Mobile beauticians may specialize in forms of beauty treatment that may or may not be covered by a mobile beauty insurance policy. Some of these include acupuncture, piercings, electrolysis, facials, manicures, tattoos and waxing. If a mobile beautician handles such procedures, or is planning to in the future, then he or she should check with the mobile beauty insurance company to make sure they will be covered. Otherwise, a separate policy might be necessary.

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