How do I Choose the Best Mission Wall Sconces?

Laura Evans

In order to purchase the best mission wall sconces, one must first have a budget in mind. The next decision might be deciding whether to buy authentic, antique mission bell sconces that have been rewired and restored, or to buy modern wall light fixtures made in the mission style. Finally, one must decide which style of mission wall sconces are appropriate for the home.

Antique mission wall sconces may be found in online stores and online auction houses.
Antique mission wall sconces may be found in online stores and online auction houses.

The mission style was developed in the United States during the late 19th century. Also called arts and crafts or craftsman style, the mission style is characterized by its simplicity in design and rustic appearance. One of the most well known craftsman who contributed to the mission style was Gustav Stickley (1858-1942), who produced furniture that is still prized today.

For those who decide to purchase authentic mission wall sconces, patience is definitely a virtue. It can take time to find the right wall fixtures in the right price range. In addition, only a limited number of mission wall sconces have survived to today.

Antique mission wall sconces may be found in online stores and online auction houses. In addition, these vintage sconces might be found at brick-and-mortar auction houses, antique stores, and architectural salvage stores. Mission wall light fixtures may also be located at estate sales and, for the true antique and vintage diehards, at garage sales.

Condition and price are other important considerations when looking at buying antique wall sconces. What seems like a really good deal might turn into a nightmare if a large amount of money must be spent to get the lighting fixtures into working order. A do-it-yourself-er who can restore and rewire lighting fixtures is more likely to be able to get a better deal than a person who buys damaged sconces and then has them repaired or a person who buys mission wall sconces fully restored.

When all is said and done, some people feel more comfortable buying new. Newly manufactured wall sconces typically come with a guarantee. The sconces can be returned or exchanged if they are defective or if their appearance is less than pristine. Modern mission wall sconces come in a variety of eye-pleasing styles and can be purchased from a brick-and-mortar store or from an online store. In addition, prices for many modern light fixtures can be less expensive than comparable vintage sconces.

Light, in and of itself, lends warmth to a house. The material of which the mission wall sconces are made, such as copper, brass, or glass only, and the color of the glass, such as clear glass, milk glass, or colored glass, add to the eye appeal of the home. The lighting fixtures should catch the eye, but not "outshine" other home decor features.

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