How Do I Choose the Best Mirrored Dresser?

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When choosing a mirrored dresser, the style, design, and color are all important. The style of the mirror also needs to be considered. Other factors to evaluate are the type of wood the dresser is made of, the amount of storage it can provide, and whether it will match your other bedroom furniture. There are many dressers available in various styles, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find the best one to suit your needs — as long as you know what you are looking for.

Narrowing down the style of dresser you are looking for will help with the selection process. There are many styles of dresser including casual, contemporary, traditional, and modern. The material the dresser is constructed from is something else to consider. A few of the choices are oak, pine, cherry, and laminate. You also should decide whether you want a double or a triple dresser, keeping in mind that a chest of drawers usually does not have a mirror.

Generally, the mirror comes with the dresser and will match it in style and color. When selecting a mirrored dresser, pick a style of mirror that you like. For instance, there may be several contemporary cherry dressers to choose from, all similar in size and style but having different types of mirrors — round, square, oval or arch shaped. Another style of mirror is a paneled mirror, which has a large center mirror and two adjustable side mirrors.


If you would like for the mirrored dresser to match your current bedroom furniture, then look primarily at mirrored dressers that are the same style and color and that are made from the same material. The mirrored dresser does not have to be an exact match, but try to find one that is close. If you prefer a mix-match look in your bedroom, then shift the focus away from matching your existing furniture and concentrate on other factors such as size, design, and storage capacity.

Consider your storage needs. Dressers with a lot of drawers may not provide as much storage as dressers with fewer drawers if the drawers are smaller overall. The best way to gauge how much space the drawers actually have is to open them and see for yourself what will fit inside.

Price and quality are other factors you will want to think about when purchasing a mirrored dresser. Look for one that seems to be well constructed and that will stand up to daily use. It is a good idea to set a budget before beginning your search, this will help you to spend only the designated amount.


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