How Do I Choose the Best Mini Facial?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing a mini facial, it is a good idea to compile a list of different spas and salons in your area that offer facials and then request literature or pull up their websites so you can compare the services offered. As you review each provider, look for information about the amount of time needed to complete the mini facial as well as the steps and products used by the aesthetician. Other things to consider include the reputation of the spa or salon as well as its individual aestheticians. Finally, you may want to consider whether the spa or salon is conveniently located to where you live or work. Unless a facial provider has a remarkable reputation, you may not save any time or money by choosing a mini facial if you have to take time off from work or drive a long distance to undergo the service.

A mini facial may include moisturizing treatment.
A mini facial may include moisturizing treatment.

The term "mini facial" is typically used to describe a facial of short duration that incorporates some, but not all, of the steps performed in standard facials. These steps may include cleansing, a mask, and a moisturizing treatment. The steps included in a mini facial as well as the time spent receiving it vary by salon or spa. If a provider's website or literature does not include detailed information about the facial, you should call and ask an employee about the process. If there is a particular aspect of standard facials that is important to you, such as steaming or blackhead extraction, ask if this service is included in the mini facial. If not, the salon owner may agree to include it if you pay an extra fee.

A mini facial typically includes the application of a masque.
A mini facial typically includes the application of a masque.

In most places, individuals need to be licensed in order to perform facials on others for compensation. You should find out whether an establishment that offers facials, as well as its workers, holds the appropriate licenses for performing facials in your jurisdiction. You may also want to find out if the establishment has been subject to any disciplinary action for not meeting health and safety standards. Ask your friends and family for recommendations for a good facial list, and you may even want to look online to find out if there is one mini facial service that is recommended above others in your area. Another thing to consider is that some salons offer significant discounts to first-time customers, so you should look for information about these specials when you call the salon or review its website.

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