How Do I Choose the Best Mineral Powder Makeup?

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When choosing mineral powder makeup, it is a good idea to review the ingredients of the makeup, sample the makeup before buying a full-size product, and select a powder that will work with your skin type. If you have never worked with mineral powder makeup, you may want to schedule a lesson with a makeup artist or aesthetician who is adept in its use. Finally, consider your budget and the availability of your favorite mineral makeup, as some brands are easier to access than others.

The composition of mineral powder makeup varies by brand and even within particular brands. Many people choose mineral foundation out of concern that standard foundations contain ingredients that may irritate their skin. It should be noted, however, that some types of mineral powder makeup contain minerals that can irritate a person's skin. If you have sensitive skin or are living with a skin condition, you should review the ingredient label of any cosmetic product, including mineral makeup, in order to determine whether a makeup is right for you and your skin. Some companies even sell mineral makeup blending kits so that you can develop your own shades.


Some companies offer different types of mineral powder makeup, including a matte finish or those that are best suited for use as a finishing powder. Some women, particularly those with oily skin or who have a lot of facial lines, find that a matte finish is much better suited to their complexion. Consider your own skin. If a mineral powder makeup with an iridescent finish isn't a good fit, look for a matte finish formula. Perhaps the best way of determining whether a foundation is right for you is to request a sample so that you can experience actually wearing the makeup before making a more substantial investment. You may also want to find out whether it is possible to purchase a mineral powder makeup in bulk in order to save money.

The price of mineral powder makeup can vary by line, so if there are several brands that you like, consider buying the one that is least expensive. Some brands can be harder to find in local stores than others. While some major cosmetic companies now offer mineral foundation, many brands are sold only via mail order or in specialty stores and salons. If having regular access to your makeup is important to you, you may wish to select a brand that can be purchased from a nearby drugstore.


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