How Do I Choose the Best Mineral Face Powder?

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Mineral face powder is a great way to achieve an even-looking complexion with a natural finish. When choosing mineral face powder, there are several different areas to consider to determine the best formula for an individual's skin needs. Some of the important factors to look at include the purpose of the powder, correct color, ingredients, and user reviews. Examining each of these features carefully can help narrow down the wide field of mineral face powder choices.

One of the first major decisions when choosing mineral face powder is what type of formulation should be used. Some mineral powders have a strong pigment, and are meant as foundations or concealers. Others use a pale tint or translucent finish that can be brushed over foundation for a finished look that helps set makeup in place for long wear. It is also important to consider whether pressed or loose powder is desired: pressed powder is easy to manage, but may be difficult to apply evenly, while loose powder is somewhat messy to handle, but can provide faster and easier coverage.


Since mineral face powder is intended to create a natural appearing finish, it is critical to choose a shade that blends in with natural skin tone. Many cosmetic lines offer mineral face powder in more than a dozen shades, suiting everything from pale porcelain skin to deep brown tones. To find the appropriate shade, choose three tones that appear close to natural skin color, then brush a small line of each one along the jawline. The best color for a natural look will usually disappear against the skin, creating an even skin tone.

Few cosmetic disasters are less pleasant than waking up to find that a brand new foundation has caused a massive outbreak of hives or zits. Check ingredients of mineral face powder carefully before purchasing, to determine if there are any components that may cause a reaction. In addition to looking for allergens, consider finding a brand of face powder that offers built-in sunscreen protection. Using a foundation or finishing powder with sunscreen can help reduce the early appearance of lines and pigmented spots, and can also help protect the skin from cancer.

Another good way to choose mineral face powder is by checking user reviews online. Many cosmetic review sites allow users to post their honest impressions about a brand or product, which can be helpful for the careful shopper. Look for review sites that ask users to post their age and skin type as well as comments, to find reviewers with similar skin issues.


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Post 2

@spotiche5- Thank you for your post. I didn't realize that there were so many brands of mineral face powders, and that many of them are very affordable! In addition to powders, these companies also offer a wide range of mineral makeup at the same low prices. I am so excited that I can use the makeup I love without spending a fortune.

Post 1

I like to use mineral face powders, but many brands are pricey and out of my budget range. However, I found several small makeup companies online that make mineral face powder and sell for very affordable prices.

I was hesitant to try less-expensive versions of mineral face powder made by companies that are not well known, but I am so glad that I did. I have found that the ingredients are similar to those in the more expensive brands, and the range of available colors are impressive. Most importantly is the fact that these affordable brands work just as well as the expensive brands in my opinion.

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