How do I Choose the Best Midwife Job?

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Midwives are becoming commonplace within hospitals and private medical practices. Thus, finding a midwife job is merely a matter of knowing where to look. Certified midwives will find that many different job opportunities are available all over the globe. When looking for a midwife job, the first thing to consider is whether or not you wish to work as an independent contractor.

Some midwives act as contractors by offering their services to the public for a fee. These midwives are not affiliated with any hospital or clinic. Instead, pregnant women hire midwife contractors to perform in-home births. Midwives have been acting as independent contractors for centuries, since this is how the midwife profession began. Modern midwives also have the opportunity to choose a salaried job by seeking employment through a medical treatment center.

Hospitals, clinics, and birthing centers hire midwives to perform birthing duties, and to work alongside a nursing team. Those who seek jobs within a medical facility may perform various duties in addition to midwifery. Conducting clinical research, teaching future midwives, and actively participating in government medical programs are all tasks that many midwives may perform. In addition, a midwife may choose to act as a small business owner by opening a private practice.


To find a midwife job, search through Internet job websites or apply directly to hospitals and clinics. Choose a job that meets your level of expertise, and look for a job that includes benefits. Any midwife job that is not legally recognized should be avoided.

Most midwives are employed by hospitals, though many private practices are beginning to pop up around the globe. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of midwife job you find, you will have to gain proper certification prior to applying for any position. Successful job candidates usually have a few years of experience in addition to proper training.

If you are unsure of what training you need to become a midwife in your country, it's a good idea to look at your government's website. Most governments will list information pertaining to different medical practices, including midwifery. While you may have to obtain a specific degree in some countries, this is not the case across the world.

While midwives must be legally certified, these individuals also need to possess certain personality traits. A midwife should be compassionate, attentive, and intuitive. Anyone who has these particular characteristics, in addition to proper training, will find that there are many different midwife opportunities available.


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