How Do I Choose the Best Microwave Burrito?

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Microwave burritos are convenience food items that can be ready in minutes and are typically cheap to purchase due to an ingredient list that includes meats, beans, and cheeses wrapped in a tortilla. The process of choosing the best microwave burrito starts with whether the burrito will be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Personal dietary needs, portion size, and convenience are other aspects to consider.

An egg-based microwave burrito can serve as a breakfast meal, and is typically similar to an omelet wrapped in a tortilla. Breakfast meats, such as bacon or sausage, may be included alongside chopped vegetables and shredded cheese. Breakfast burritos most often come without a covering sauce to make them easier to eat on-the-go.

Savory microwave burritos may be eaten for lunch or dinner, with the most common main ingredients being beef, chicken, and bean, or a combination of meat and bean. Additional ingredients may include rice, chopped vegetables, and shredded cheese. This type of microwave burrito can be consumed wet, coated with enchilada or taco sauce, or eaten dry for convenience.

Dietary needs may influence finding the best microwave burrito. Vegetarians can easily find bean-and-cheese-based burritos, but vegans will need to purchase from specialty brands that focus on foods without animal products. The vegan burritos may include soy cheese substitute, vegetables, and beans. Specialty companies that sell vegan foods may also offer gluten-free products for people with allergies.


Portion size is another consideration, as the burritos are available in single serving, small meal, and large entree sizes. A single-serving microwave burrito is the most convenient and is often larger than the burritos available in the meals. Small meals may include a side of rice or beans with the burrito and a sauce topping, while entrees typically include more sides to serve as a full, filling meal.

While store-purchased microwave burritos are more convenient in preparation, consumption, and budget, it is possible to make microwave burritos at home for more control over the flavors and fewer preservatives. A standard burrito recipe can be cooked with changes made according to personal taste preference, and then allowed to cool to room temperature. The burritos should be wrapped tightly with freezer-safe plastic to reduce the risk of freezer burn, and frozen until ready to use.


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