How do I Choose the Best Method of Weevil Control?

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There are a few different methods of weevil control you can use. Most experts recommend natural methods of weevil control rather than pesticide use because weevils tend to take up residence in things you consume, such as flours, rice, and other grains. Using pesticides on weevils might cause your food to be dangerous to consume, although pyrethin pesticides may be considered relatively safe. You can also help to prevent weevils from becoming a problem in the future by keeping your pantry and cupboards clean, wiping up any food spills in your kitchen as soon as they occur, and storing your grains in airtight containers.

The first thing you should do if you have weevils is to throw away any foods that are contaminated. Instead of dumping the contaminated food out in your waste basket, you might want to throw the food out in your yard, preferably several yards away from your home. Throwing weevil-infested food away in your wastebasket could lead to the weevils escaping and infesting your food again. After you have inspected and thrown away any contaminated food, you should remove all items from your pantry and cupboards and scrub them clean, using a vacuum cleaner with a small hose to get rid of every tiny speck of food or grain that you find. After you've vacuumed your pantry, you should wipe the shelves thoroughly with warm, soapy water.


Pyrethins are a type of insecticide that may be effective for weevil control and are generally considered not as harmful to use as other types of insecticides. You can spray your pantry and cabinets with pyrethin insecticide before putting your food back in place after you clean the areas out. If you don't want to use pyrethins, you may be able to scatter around some bay leaves or cloves in your food storage areas because these are natural weevil repellents. You could also put a few bay leaves or cloves down inside the containers holding your flour, rice, and grains as an added measure of protection against weevils.

One of the most important aspects of weevil control is most likely prevention. If you leave unsealed food out in your cupboard and pantry areas, weevils are likely to find it and infest it. Preventing this from occurring may be as simple as keeping your food sealed up at all times when not in use. Containers with tight-fitting lids made of plastic or glass are most likely your best bets. You should also regularly clean your food storage areas out so that no small grains of food lying around attract the weevils.


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