How do I Choose the Best Method of Squirrel Control?

Anna T.

There are several different methods of squirrel control you might consider using if you're having a problem with squirrels either inside or outside your home. One of the best ways to deal with squirrels inside your home is to find out how they are getting in and block off their access. If you're having problems with squirrels outside, you can use squirrel repellents, squirrel-proof bird feeders, and live traps. Squirrel poison is another option you might want to think about using, but this is usually not a good idea if you have pets living outdoors that might get into the poison.

A squirrel.
A squirrel.

If squirrels are getting inside your house, you'll have to figure out how they're getting in if you want to put a stop to it. You can use live traps, which are available at most lawn and garden centers, for squirrel control in your home. If you're not concerned about catching the squirrels alive, you could put squirrel poison out, which is also available at most lawn and garden centers. Be careful not to put squirrel poison in areas where your pets or children might have access to it. Once you've captured or killed the squirrels in your home, you will need to block off the entry point they have been using to get inside, or you will probably continue to have a problem.

The method of squirrel control you decide to use outside your home will likely depend on what kinds of problems you're having with your squirrels. If squirrels are getting into your bird feeders and eating all your bird seed, you can purchase squirrel-proof bird feeders that are weight sensitive. These feeders normally close off access to bird seed when anything heavier than the average bird lands on them. It might also be a good idea to position your bird feeders a good distance away from tree limbs or any other surface that would act as a launching pad for a squirrel.

You may need more than squirrel-proof bird feeders if the squirrels in your yard are causing more problems apart from just eating up all your bird seed, such as invading your garbage bins or chewing up wires around your home. You can use the same methods for outdoor squirrel control that you use for indoor squirrel control, including live traps or squirrel poison. There are also squirrel repellents that contain the essence of hot peppers that might keep squirrels away. Keep in mind that the squirrels will likely continue to return to your yard if you don't take away their food sources. Squirrels are often attracted to food scraps and pet food of all kinds, so you might consider storing your garbage in an area that is not out in the open and feeding your pets inside.

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Poison is the quickest way to get a large squirrel population under control, but I agree with @Animandel that there is a chance that other animals will get the poison. I use cages as my only form of squirrel pest control. This takes much longer, but I know the animals will eventually go into the cage and then I can release them in the woods far from my house.


Family pets are good at keeping squirrels away from your house. Most active cats and dogs will chase squirrels and keep them from making too big of pests of themselves. Cutting away tree branches that hang over your house can make it a little harder for the squirrels to get into your attic, too.


You really need to be careful when you are using any kind of poison outdoors because you have no way of controlling which animals will get and eat the poison.

My neighbors were having problems with the very large rats in their out buildings and underneath their house. The rats got to be so bad that the neighbors bought a really strong rodent control poison from the hardware store. As you might have guessed, the rats were not the only animals that got the poison.

The neighbors' dogs ate the poison and it killed all of them. My neighbors were really upset, and to make things worse the poison didn't kill all of the rats, so they still had the problem.

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