How do I Choose the Best Metal Headboard?

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When choosing a metal headboard, the most important things to consider are the design of the headboard and the type of metal that is used to make the headboard. Other considerations include the weight of the headboard, especially for people who plan to install and move the headboard on their own. Finally, although it is not common for a metal headboard to be used in a child's room, it is important to make sure that rungs or openings in the headboard do not pose a choking hazard. It is important to consider this and any other type of injury risk that a metal headboard may pose, even if small children only sleep in the bed occasionally.

Finding the perfectly designed metal headboard may mean a good deal of shopping, including spins through a number of antique stores. There are many metal headboards and metal beds that have been salvaged from bygone eras. Some people find these kinds of headboards to be quite lovely and unique. Most metal headboard designs are quite open with just a few rungs, rods, or scrolls fitted into the design. There are other, more modern headboard designs that are much fuller and clunkier.


Choosing the material is just as important to some people as choosing the design. Some people, for example, want a wrought iron headboard and will only consider headboards that fall into that category. Other people prefer to use a bronze headboard. For those who are not sure what type of metal to choose, it is best to go to a few stores and take a look at the various kinds of metal and finishes that can be used to make a metal headboard. This will also inform customers about what kinds of metal can be painted or covered in a colored powdered coating.

The height of a metal headboard is also an important consideration. Some people want a metal headboard that is quite tall, tall enough to nearly reach the ceiling of the bedroom. Others want a metal headboard that is just high enough to give the pillows a vertical surface to prop against. There are also many options that fall in between these extremes. It is important to choose a metal headboard that fits in well with the scale of a room as well as the aesthetic. A very tall headboard, for example, could dominate a small room and feel quite imposing.


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