How do I Choose the Best Mesh Laundry Bag?

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A mesh laundry bag is an inexpensive option for apartment or dorm living, and it allows you to easily transport laundry. When selecting a mesh laundry bag, your top considerations should be its capacity, durability and cost. Design factors such as its straps, pockets and type of closure might also also affect your decision.

For people without a washing machine in the home, a mesh laundry bag makes good sense, performing the roles of both hamper and laundry basket. Bags generally are more compact than hampers. They are easier to transport than baskets, with less chance of spilling. The bags also are washable, meaning that clean clothes can be placed in a freshly laundered bag.

When picking out a mesh laundry bag, size might be your first consideration. The bag needs to be large enough to hold all of your dirty clothes, but it also needs to be light enough to transport easily. Consider the distances you will be carrying it and likely obstacles in the way. A large bag is perfect if you can throw it in the back of your car, but if you have to bring the bag onto public transportation or carry it down a narrow flight of stairs, a smaller bag might be more appropriate.


Construction is another important factor in selecting a mesh laundry bag. You might save some money on a cheap bag, but it might not seem like such a bargain when a seam rips outside the laundromat and spills your clothes onto the street. It’s worth spending a little more on a sturdy bag that won’t let you down.

Although durability might be worth paying for, you probably can get away without paying for other features. For instance, bags come with all sorts of closures, including drawstrings, zippers, snaps, buckles or buttons. Look for simple closures, which are not only less expensive but also are more reliable. Buttons can pop, and zippers can break, but drawstrings hold up well to heavy use.

Some bags come with handy carrying straps, an option that you might want to consider. Depending on the size and weight of the mesh laundry bag, straps might make carrying a large bag much easier. For most people, however, gripping the bag by the end or holding the bag by the drawstrings will be sufficient.

Many bags come with pockets for detergent, softener and other laundry supplies. These can add to the cost of the mesh laundry bag but do little to make the bag more useful. Detergent can just as easily be carried inside the bag as in a pocket. When considering paying extra for special features, ask yourself whether the feature is likely to be used or useful.


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