How do I Choose the Best Merger and Acquisition Advisors?

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Mergers and acquisitions involves two or more companies merging, or involves one company taking over others. There are a host of legal and financial concerns that come into play when a company is considering merging or acquiring another entity. To choose the best merger and acquisition advisors, it is important to find advisors with the appropriate legal and financial backgrounds to provide the type of advice required. It is also imperative that the advisors you select have extensive experience to help you to fully deal with all of your concerns.

You should first identify what special concerns you have regarding the proposed merger or acquisition. Are you concerned about the financial aspect, such as whether you can afford to purchase the shares or whether you can make the acquired company more profitable? If so, then choosing the best merger and acquisition advisors involves finding individuals with the appropriate financial know-how. This could include certified public accountants or finance and economics majors with extensive experience in making financial decisions and doing financial analysis.


The special concerns you have may also be legal concerns. For example, when two companies merge, there may be questions of whether or not a monopoly or anti-competitive environment is being created. If these issues are expected to come up, your primary concern should be finding the best merger and acquisition advisors with a legal background. This will include attorneys who specialize in mergers and acquisitions law — often called M&A law — or attorneys who specialize in anti-trust law.

Generally, a team of different merger and acquisition advisors will be put together to handle all of the concerns that can arise. To find the best individuals to comprise this team, checking the qualifications of anyone hired is essential. You can begin by checking the person's educational background to make sure he or she licensed, certified, and in good standing with the Bar Association or with any relevant professional organizations in the area.

Checking the past work experience of any individuals hired as merger and acquisitions advisors is essential as well. You want a person who has worked on past mergers or acquisitions before. Furthermore, you want that person to have a track record of success at making mergers and acquisitions of the particular size you are interested in happen.


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