How do I Choose the Best Men's Slippers?

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Sometimes referred to as house shoes, men’s slippers are footwear intended for use within the home only. Usually, the slippers are simple, comfortable and easy to slip on and off the foot. For many men, a comfortable pair of slippers is an essential part of the evening wardrobe along with pajamas and a comfortable robe. In order to choose the best slippers for a man, it is important to consider a few basic factors before making a purchase.

The very first concern with purchasing any type of men’s shoes, including footwear for around the house, is the personal style of the man who will wear them. For men who are somewhat more traditional, a simple pair of men’s slippers made with a leather shell and a padded interior will often be a good choice. Leather tends to work well with any color, material or design for bathrobes and pajamas. As a simple but elegant option, it is hard to beat a quality pair of brown or black leather evening slippers.


For the man who likes to have a little fun with what he wears around the house, there are also men’s slippers that use a variety of fabrics and color schemes. Everything from satin to crushed velvet shells can be paired with fur linings, padded fleece inserts, and even stretchy microfiber slippers with a decidedly contemporary flair. Colors include fire engine red, hot greens and blues, and a wide range of color combinations. In design, these more eclectic men’s slippers may also be fashioned to include mock elephant trunks, duck heads, or any other element that fits in with the man’s sense of humor. There are even trendy sets that include matching women’s slippers for that special lady in the man’s life.

Whether going with men’s slippers that are traditional or on the cutting edge, there are also a few practical elements that must always be present. First, the padding must make the house shoes comfortable to wear around the house. That means there will be ample room while still providing a snug fit. The better quality house shoes also provide at least a minimum of support to the arches. This is important, especially if the man is on his feet all day and needs to allow his feet to rest in the evenings.

Along with comfort, the slippers must keep the feet warm. Depending on the local climate, the padding in the shoes may be relatively thin or be composed of heavier padding. Either design is acceptable, as long as the toes do not feel cold while wearing the men’s slippers around the house.

One final key characteristic is the presence of a non-skid sole on the slippers. Ideally, the man can wear them while walking on bare wood floors, tile, area rugs, or carpeting with equal ease. Men’s slippers that slip and slide, no matter how visually appealing, will quickly be relegated to the rear of the closet if it is impossible to remain upright while wearing them.

While it is possible to spend a great deal of money on men’s slippers, there are a number of manufacturers that offer quality products for very affordable prices. They are often sold in discount retail stores, and can also be purchased by mail order and online.


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Mutsy- I prefer the mens leather slippers. I think that they are more stylish and appear more comfortable.

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Excellent article- I would like to add that I usually buy mens slippers from Zappos.

They always offer free shipping and they have a wide variety of the best mens slippers.

They offer a lot of mens moccasin slippers, but my favorite are the Ugg mens house slippers. They are made of 100% wool and are really comfortable.

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