How Do I Choose the Best Men's Hair Wax?

Nicky Sutton

The best men's hair wax provides a strong hold throughout the day and remains soft and pliable for restyling touchups. It should not be excessively shiny or greasy, but make your hair look healthy with a natural looking finish. Look for a hair wax that is smooth and easy to apply, coats every strand of hair without unsightly clumps and is easy to wash out with just water. Expect your men's hair wax to be easy to use and help you to produce stylish hairstyles with minimal effort.

Hair wax should provide a strong hold throughout the day.
Hair wax should provide a strong hold throughout the day.

Choose a men's hair wax that holds your hair in position without constant retouching. Hair wax is often preferred over hair gel because gel produces stiff, often crispy hair. The best men's hair wax is soft to the touch but retains your hairstyle as you perfected it.

Men's hair wax should not cause dandruff.
Men's hair wax should not cause dandruff.

A good hair wax is soft and pliable when squeezed between your fingertips, and applies smoothly and evenly to your hair. It should provide a little sheen without being excessively shiny, or you can opt for the matte version offered by many brands. Expect to produce your favorite hairstyles using men's hair wax, because it can be used on long or short hair and produce straight, spiky, curly or wavy styles.

Where strong hold hair gel can keep a hairstyle perfectly molded into position, styles created using hair wax can be more easily spoiled, for example, by wearing a hat or hood, or even by windy weather. Hair wax should remain pliable on the hair so that it can be touched up and restyled during the day should your hairstyle require it. Men's hair wax must be smooth without lumps, or risk having unsightly bits of wax throughout your hair. There should be a range of different hair waxes under your favorite brand, for example, volumizing wax, and wax for thick, thin or curly hair. Choose from hair waxes that control frizz, protect against humid weather and even rain.

Some hair wax contains beeswax which keeps hair soft and pliable. Carnauba wax is also a common ingredient; it is useful to obtain a strong and durable hold. Avoid hair wax that weighs hair down, because lifeless, dull and flat hair can be the result. You should also expect a pleasant smell that does not overpower aftershave or cologne that you are wearing.

No extra applications of shampoo should be required to remove wax from your hair, and it should not cause dandruff or any allergic reactions. Natural waxes are less likely to damage your hair or affect a sensitive scalp, so read the product labels and look for a men's hair wax that contains mainly natural ingredients. Buy hair wax for men supplied in a tub, tube or spray bottle depending on your preference.

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