How do I Choose the Best Men's Hair Removal Products?

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Many men who experience unwanted hair growth look for an effective way to remedy the problem. With numerous brands and products available it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice. To simplify, men's hair removal products can be broken down into three types — creams, sprays and waxes. Understanding the differences between each type should help most men choose the best product for their needs.

Creams are one of the more traditional types of men's hair removal products. Basically, they consist of chemicals that quickly dissolve hair. Usually the hair will be gone for approximately one week, and then more of the cream must be applied. Creams are generally intended only for certain body areas, like the chest or back. It's not recommended to use them on sensitive areas like the armpits or genitals because they can cause irritation.

The pros of creams are that they are usually inexpensive and work quickly. The cons are that they tend to have an unappealing odor and can cause redness. Since some people's skin does not respond well to hair removal creams, it's recommended to test them out on a small area to make sure that a rash does not appear.

Sprays are a type of men's hair removal products that many men find appealing. They work as inhibitors that stunt the growth of body hair. The application process is simple and eliminates hair growth for about one week. Brands often differ in price, but are generally inexpensive.


Benefits of sprays are that most are odorless and don't create a mess. They are also a pain-free means of removing hair. Most men do not experience any sort of irritation, but occasionally those with sensitive skin may have an outbreak.

Waxes are another type of men's hair removal products that have been around for a considerable amount of time. The waxing process consists of placing heated wax on the body hair and then placing a cloth strip on top. Then, the strip is pulled off, removing the majority of the hair all at once.

The primary benefit of waxing is that men can avoid dealing with the chemicals involved with creams and sprays. It also keeps the hair from growing back for a longer period of time — usually around one month. The drawback is that the process is a painful one that many men don't want to endure. If considering this as an option, it's recommended to visit a professional for the best results. Prices vary, but getting a quality waxing tends to be more expensive than the previous options.


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I recently got my back treated in a laser hair removal process. It required several visits and the cost was not cheap but they promised smooth hairless back skin for the rest of my life.

I had struggled for years with removing my back hair. I would try shaving it but of course I missed spots and it quickly grew back. I also got it waxed once but the pain was not worth it. Finally I decided to bight the bullet and just pay the money for a permanent solution.

Post 1

Every man needs a good razor, no matter how much of a beard your grow. And if you you are going to have a razor it is worth it to invest in one that has multiple blades and contemporary technologies.

There are dozens of different cheap disposable razors on the market but these will irritate your skin, take longer to shave and ultimately cost you more money in the long run. So do yourself a favor and invest in a razor with replaceable blades that will give you the best shave possible.

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