How Do I Choose the Best Men's Fur Coat?

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Whether you are buying it for yourself or for another guy, a men’s fur coat should always be chosen carefully. Some of the factors to consider are the fur, quality, price, and the style of the coat. It is always best to go window shopping and look around first for different options before actually buying one. Fur coats are widely available in clothing stores and boutiques, as well as through online shopping.

The type of fur is probably the first aspect that you should consider when buying a men’s fur coat. Some of the types of fur include opossum, coyote, and raccoon, probably because of their grayish to blackish color that expresses masculinity. You can also choose furs made from beavers, minks, and foxes, giving the coat a richer, browner color. For the softest furs, you can look for men’s fur coats made from animals like the chinchilla and sable.


Another factor in choosing a men’s fur coat is the quality of the fur and of the coat. The general rule of thumb is that the less pieces of fur used to make the coat, the higher the quality; smaller pieces sewn together may make for a cheaper, but poor-quality, coat. This is because the large animal hide provides more strength to the fur coat than the threads do. Small pieces of fur sewn together may also indicate that the skinning of the fur from the animal was not done properly. What you can do is turn the coat inside out and examine the stitches thoroughly and ask the seller about how the fur was chemically processed.

The price of a men’s fur coat varies according to the type of fur, but sometimes, it also depends on something else. Many animals used for their fur are usually raised on farms, but some animals are hunted down and tortured for their furs. You may want to save some money when buying a men’s fur coat, but be wary if some of the coats are priced very cheaply; the animals used might have been tortured to death. Tortured animals may also mean that the fur is not already of high quality and may even have some defects.

In choosing a men’s fur coat, you should also think about how it would be used, whether for style or for warmth. If the coat is expected to be worn several times throughout the wintertime, go for thicker furs such as fox or sable. If you are buying a coat more for its style, you can choose raccoon or mink furs, as their colors are a standout, especially the striped pattern of the raccoon. You should also look at the general cut and style of the coat itself. Classic designs such as a rounded collar with thick wrists likely will never go out of style.


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