How do I Choose the Best Men's Argyle Socks?

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Men’s argyle socks are a classic piece of most any male’s wardrobe. Appropriate for many occasions, men’s argyle socks can be worn both casually and professionally. Such socks can be manufactured inexpensively or with more luxurious materials. The most common argyle sock is likely a mixture woven of cotton and linen. For a more sophisticated gentleman’s wardrobe, men’s argyle socks may be made of cashmere, mohair, or linen.

Wool or cotton, popular materials for sweat absorption, are often used to make men's argyle socks. Because the foot is one of the sweatiest areas of the body, it is important to pick comfortable, breathable socks. Though many men’s argyle dress socks are quite thin, they are also manufactured and sold in thicker, knitted materials. Socks come in many sizes, though most department stores sell just a few sizes, each meant to cover a small range of foot lengths and widths.

Argyle socks can be quite advantageous for the style-challenged male. These socks be matched with most pants in a man's wardrobe. Though you may have to search for them, men’s argyle socks in black and brown would be considered a neutral choice that may go with just about any outfit. Most any men's argyle socks would pair well with a suit.


A man with black-and-brown argyle socks can feel confident wearing any color pants, then, when his trousers are paired with the correct footwear. Furthermore, many men — both stylistically-impaired and style-driven — choose to wear more boisterous socks to add some pizzazz to their outfits. For example, a man wearing a humdrum neutral suit may wear a pair of cherry-red argyle socks. These socks, likely seen by few, rarely match an outfit. Rather, they are worn for the sake of being bold or carefree.

There are a few male golfers, actors and politicians known to wear men’s argyle socks – many of which are brightly colored – just for fun or to make a cheery statement. When worn with knickers, argyle socks are typically associated with the classic golfing outfit seen in movies and older photographs. Argyle socks are typically only paired with long pants or jeans in modern times.


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