How Do I Choose the Best Medical Rep Training?

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Medical representatives, or medical reps, as they often are called, are sales professionals who work for pharmaceutical companies to maximize sales of their drugs to hospitals, pharmacies, and other health and medical facilities. To choose the best medical rep training, your first step should be to find out if you need to have any particular certification in order to work as a medical rep. If so, then you should choose medical rep training that helps you to prepare for a certification exam. It is also important to choose medical rep training that teaches relevant sales techniques and which provides you with at least a basic pharmaceutical background. You also should consider your options when it comes to online versus conventional classroom training.

Individuals who act as medical reps might use a number of different techniques to sell their products. The kinds of techniques you use may be determined by sales accounts managers, but it is common for medical representatives to conduct basic one-on-one sales meetings and also to use telephone conversations and email correspondences to sell products to medical professionals and pharmaceutical business owners. It is also normal for medical reps to attend trade shows where they give presentations about their products.


In most cases, a person seeking medical rep training does not need to get a formal academic background in a field such as pharmacology, which people usually need in order to become pharmacologists or pharmacists. Nevertheless, you should make sure that medical rep training you choose provides you with plenty of information about laws regarding regulated drugs, such as most prescription medications, as well as information about how certain drugs are used and marketed and to whom they are sold. If you are interested in medical rep training that introduces you to sales at a specific pharmaceutical company, you should ensure that training is authorized by that organization.

While there are factors particular only to the medical sales field, it is important to remember that some tenants of selling do pertain to almost every field. For this reason, it might be a good idea to make sure that medical rep training also includes basic sales tips. Since many medical reps must also give presentations to potential clients and colleagues in the pharmaceutical business, good training might also include some public speaking instruction.

Many people who already are working full time jobs and who are thinking about beginning new careers as medical reps might choose online medical rep training. Online courses often are more flexible and often relatively inexpensive. If you need to receive specific training from an individual pharmaceutical company, however, it is important that you wait to hear what your supervisors recommend.


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