How Do I Choose the Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette?

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When choosing a matte eyeshadow palette, you need to first decide what you will primarily use it for. For professional, daytime use, you should select colors that are blended well to complement your skin tone. Dramatic and smoky looks will be best achieved with a palette containing dark colors and at least one neutral shade. In addition to considering the colors, also consider the quality of the products and their appearance when applied.

When you are considering which palette to buy, consider the strengths of matte eyeshadow. First, this type of makeup is suggested for creating a natural look. If you will use it for this purpose, you want select shades that will complement your skin tone. This means that you will shy away from colors that are bold or that stand out too much when applied. When you are analyzing the matte eyeshadow palette choices, choose one that offers colors that can be described as mellow once on your skin.

In addition to your skin tone, you should also consider your eye color. Certain eyeshadow shades will enhance your eye color, but others may appear to clash or produce distracting effects. You may need to try on several shades to get an idea of color schemes that do and do not work well for you.


Matte eyeshadow is recommended for those who want to create a smokey-eyed appearance. If you are purchasing a matte eyeshadow palette for this purpose, you may think it is obvious that you are looking for black and gray. While these are indeed good options, you can also consider deep purples. At least one color should be a neutral shade, such as a taupe or nude shade, which will be used help define the smokey area.

If you are looking to enhance your eyes in other ways, this will affect the colors that you will need in your palette. For example, if you feel that your eyes stand out too much and you want to make them appear smaller, you should select lighter shades. If you have small eyes and you want to make them appear more prominent, a matte eyeshadow palette with dark shades and at least one neutral to light shade is advisable.

A matte eyeshadow is also commonly associated with daytime looks. It is generally a good option for wear in a professional environment. When you are selecting a palette, it is a good idea to assess your daytime wear and to choose colors that will match with the majority of your wardrobe. Although you may primarily use the matte eyeshadow palette for day wear, if you select one that includes classic shades such as brown and gray, you will also be able to use it to produce dramatic effects for evening outings.

Also remember that shades are not the only consideration that you should have. Even if you select the right colors, if you buy low-quality eyeshadow, you are likely to be disappointed. Make sure that the matte eyeshadow palette does not contain products that are too powdery or chalky when applied.


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