How do I Choose the Best Maternity Winter Coat?

K.C. Bruning

As the nine months of pregnancy span most of a year, many pregnant women will need a maternity winter coat at some point. Though there are some styles of regular-sized coats that can be adapted to a growing belly, the best fit is usually found in a coat designed especially for pregnant women. A good coat will be able to handle a wide range of belly sizes and have a look that suits many clothing styles and occasions. It can be helpful for a woman to wait to purchase a coat until she is as close as possible to needing it, as this can help with finding a better fit.

A pregnant woman.
A pregnant woman.

While there are as many styles of maternity winter coat as there are regular-sized styles, there are a couple of popular designs which tend to work best. The empire style, with buttons placed only above the belly — either double or single breast — is one of the most common designs. It provides a fitted top, while leaving the lower flaps of the coat loose in order to accommodate growth. Belted coats, with their infinite possibilities for adjustment around the middle, are also a popular design.

There are many styles of coats.
There are many styles of coats.

The right color or style for a maternity winter coat depends on what kind of a statement a woman wants to make. As this coat will only be worn for a few months, she may wish to purchase a more vibrant, eye-popping color or adventurous style. This can help to increase enthusiasm over the necessity of wearing the same coat every day. Other women may wish to stick with neutral colors and conservative styles in order to ensure that the coat will be able to accommodate a variety of looks and occasions.

Though a regular coat in a larger size can accommodate a growing belly, it can also be problematic. As there is an excess of fabric in the whole coat, instead of in particular areas, a regular coat can be uncomfortable and overwhelm a woman’s figure. A larger coat can also lack the fit necessary to keep the coat close to the body, where it can provide proper warmth, rather than bagging outwards and allowing cold air inside. For these reasons, buying a maternity winter coat designed specifically for pregnant women can be a more comfortable, attractive, and practical choice.

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