How do I Choose the Best Maternity Outerwear?

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When choosing maternity outerwear, it's important to consider the months when you'll need each item. If you'll be near the end of your pregnancy in cold weather, having a warm maternity coat will be a necessity, but if you live in a warmer climate, a lighter, more all-purpose type of outerwear may work. For example, a blazer kind of jacket can be especially versatile as it can be worn outdoors or indoors and with casual outfits as well as career wear. A denim jacket and a zip-up hoodie are two casual maternity outerwear pieces you may also want to add to your pregnancy wardrobe.

A cotton zip-front hooded jacket, or "hoodie," can be worn as a light summer coverup or layered under heavier coats. This type of maternity outerwear is also great for wearing indoors with jeans or even pajamas to add extra warmth. Adding color to a maternity wardrobe is another good reason to have one or more of these light jackets, as they tend to be quite inexpensive and available in many different colors.

A denim, or jean, jacket is another good casual piece of outerwear you may want to have to wear with your maternity clothes, especially on weekends. A denim jacket can be worn with many different types of maternity tops as well as with jeans or casual skirts. Denim jacket maternity outerwear is often embellished with embroidery or other accents.


If you work in an office, a blazer is an essential item of maternity clothing. Even if you don't, a blazer can still be a great choice for making both casual and dressy separates look more pulled together. Consider choosing a maternity blazer in a medium shade so it can blend well with either light or dark colors in your wardrobe. You may even want to choose a blazer with subtle striping or other detail. Maternity blazers with all of the buttons located above the belly are especially versatile size-wise as they allow the belly to expand without over-stretching the jacket.

If you need a warm maternity coat, there are many different options available. A wool coat can be worn with a knitted scarf over jeans or a silk one with a dress on an evening out. For a more casual, warm maternity outerwear option, consider a parka. These are especially warm in windy or snowy weather as they typically have fitted hoods.


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