How do I Choose the Best Maternity Leggings?

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Maternity leggings are a popular option for pregnant women shopping for maternity clothing, largely because they are both comfortable and stylish. The main thing to consider when choosing maternity leggings, as when choosing any maternity clothing, is not to choose anything that would constrict the belly area, which would not only be uncomfortable for the wearer but also could be bad for the baby. Fortunately, just about all leggings are made of cotton and spandex or some type of stretch fabric so they fit well, don’t feel too tight and allow room for a growing pregnant belly.

How a woman goes about choosing the best maternity leggings is entirely up to her personal style preferences and wallet. Maternity leggings come in colors ranging from navy blue, black, white, gray, brown and denim. Some are slim-leg style and fit tighter on the legs while others are looser, though still fitted, in the legs. Some come down to the foot and others are capri length. They can be worn with pretty much anything, such as long maternity T-shirts or long maternity sweaters, under maternity dresses or skirts. They can be expensive or found on sale racks.

As when purchasing other maternity clothing, women should look for maternity leggings in the same size as their regular clothes size. What many pregnant women love about leggings is that they are stretchy anyway, so maternity ones can stretch along with their growing bodies.


It’s a good idea to try on all maternity outfits before purchasing them. It might come as a shock as to what used to look good and all of a sudden doesn’t anymore now that one is pregnant. If it’s not comfortable, don’t buy it. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough in so many other ways without clothes adding to the unpleasantness. Stay away from itchy or synthetic materials that will only add to discomfort.

If a woman’s maternity leggings tend to roll down her stomach as she gets further into her pregnancy, she might have to purchase another size or style. This probably won't happen if the leggings have an elastic strap at the top. Another option is to buy regular-size leggings in a size or two larger than one’s normal size. The downside of this approach, however, is that these leggings might roll down the legs or buttocks, as they’re not specifically made for pregnant women.

Maternity leggings are found at maternity clothing stores or at the many retail stores that have maternity clothing departments.


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