How do I Choose the Best Maternity Bridesmaid Dress?

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Choosing the best maternity bridesmaid dress is a matter of finding a dress that matches or complements the dresses worn by other members of the bridal party and one that you will feel comfortable wearing. Many dress shops offer a selection of bridesmaid dresses that are available in both regular and maternity sizes, allowing pregnant and non-pregnant bridesmaids to wear identical dresses. There are also maternity dresses that are slightly different in style, but still compatible with the other bridesmaid dresses.

Traditionally, the bride-to-be chooses the dresses that the wedding party will wear. Some brides allow their attendants to choose their own dresses, though the bride may pick the color and a basic style. Either way, if you will be pregnant at the time of the wedding, be sure to let the bride know that you are expecting and how far along you will be on the day of the wedding.


If you are newly pregnant and the wedding is in the near future, you might be able to wear the same dress as the rest of the bridal party. Depending on the style of the dress, you may be able to order the dress in a larger size than you normally wear, or you can have a seamstress alter the dress to fit you properly. If you will be further along at the time of the wedding, you will probably need a maternity bridesmaid dress that is cut differently than the regular dresses to allow for the changes in the shape of your body.

When choosing a dress, stick with something you will feel comfortable wearing, both physically and mentally. Tight fitting, revealing and skimpy clothes may not be appropriate or comfortable for a pregnant bridesmaid. Although some women are happy to wear the same style of clothing when they are pregnant as when they aren't, not all women feel this way. You want to feel and look your best that day, so choose something within your comfort zone.

A maternity bridesmaid dress with an empire waist will flatter a pregnant woman more than a clingy gown. The waistline of an empire waist dress falls right under the chest, rather than at the waist. The material flows downward from the empire waist to the hemline. This is a style that flatters and fits a pregnant woman well, regardless of how pregnant she is, as it does not have a tight waist and can have a generous amount of fabric in the skirt. Some pregnant women who do not show much can wear an empire waist dress in a regular size, rather than a maternity size.

If you choose a dress that is different from the dresses worn by the rest of the bridal party, try to choose a maternity bridesmaid dress that is similar in style and that complements the other dresses. Pick a dress that is the same color as the other bridesmaid dresses. Shopping for dresses with the rest of the bridal party will make it easier to find dresses that are similar. Ordering dresses from the same vendor will ensure that all of the dresses are the same exact color, as they will all be cut from the same cloth. Always follow the bride's direction when choosing your dress, but make sure she knows what you feel comfortable wearing.

Keep the type of wedding in mind when choosing a dress. A formal wedding will require that you wear a formal maternity bridesmaid dress, which is usually a full length gown. A casual event will allow you to choose a casual maternity dress or maybe a skirt and blouse.


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Post 2

I wouldn't agree to be in a wedding if I knew it was that close to my due date.

I've seen flattering maternity bridesmaids dresses, but sometimes the bride does get awfully short-sighted and doesn't consider that her pregnant attendant might be very uncomfortable and therefore, self-conscious in a clingy dress.

I talked to my attendants about what they wanted and I really tried to find something that would be flattering on both, and that they could wear again. I did succeed, but I had to put them first, not myself.

In any case, I'd say a bridesmaid who knows she will be fairly far along by the wedding should contend for comfort, and if the bride won't budge, gracefully decline the honor.

Post 1

Since when did "flattering" mean more than "sexy" these days? I've seen very pregnant bridesmaids wearing gowns that were so clingy you could see their belly buttons! They looked awful.

I was at a wedding where one of the bridesmaids (the groom's sister) was, literally, a week from her due date, and she was miserable. It was a summer wedding and the poor thing was hot and you could tell all she wanted to do was get somewhere cool and put her feet up. The dress was strapless and she was trying to keep it pulled up to a modest level. Obviously, the bride was not thinking at all about the needs of her future sister-in-law.

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