How do I Choose the Best Maternity Belt?

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A maternity belt is necessary to protect the mother-to-be during the course of the pregnancy. The purpose of the belt is to relieve the pain experienced when carrying a child while also allowing women to move without restriction. There are numerous types of maternity belts including the belly bra, baby hugger, prenatal cradle, and Medela support belt. When picking a belt, a woman should know what to expect from the item and purchase accordingly.

To choose the correct belt, it is necessary to understand what is required. For example, a woman in need of a product that makes it easy to move and exercise will need a certain type of belt. Other women may merely be looking for something that relieves pain.

The change in body weight during pregnancy is enough to cause back pain to some expectant mothers. This additional weight not only causes extreme discomfort, it also ensures that exercising is a difficult process. A maternity belt is designed to reduce the level of pain felt as well as making exercise easier. There are various types of belt available, each of which focuses on certain body parts.


A belly bra is a special form of maternity belt that covers the entire torso. It is an option for women looking for full upper body support. The belly bra is one of the most popular belts available; numerous physicians recommend its use. It is especially useful for women who are intent on remaining active for as many months during the pregnancy as possible.

The baby hugger is a maternity belt specifically created for women with severe back pain. It is suitable for women who are in the last part of the pregnancy and are experiencing problems with swelling. The baby hugger relieves pain by providing support for the baby.

The prenatal cradle is another versatile maternity belt. It is possible to buy this product as a regular belt, one that can be wrapped around the shoulders. or one that resembles underwear. Regardless of which variant is chosen, the mother is likely to receive appropriate support from the belt, thus reducing pain. Each of these belts is also designed for ease of movement.

A Medela support belt is an unusual maternity belt option. From the front, it looks virtually identical to any other belt on the market. Yet it has a wider-than-normal back to ensure additional comfort for the expectant mother who is in severe pain. Although the Medela belt is soft, it provides extremely firm support for the person wearing it.


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I liked just the simple cradle for maternity support. I think that for most women, it will be sufficient. I got the kind that's basically just an elastic band that wraps around under your belly to take some of the weight.

They do have some downsides -- because they're not padded, for instance, you can get some pinching going on. But they are the least bulky option, so they don't show under your clothes and are easy to throw in your gym bag if you just want something to wear while you're exercising (which was the case for me).

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