How do I Choose the Best Marine Biology Programs?

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There are a wide range of marine biology programs in the United States and other countries around the world, such as Australia, Bermuda, Greece, India, Mexico, Canada, and Finland. Some are geared for junior high and high school students, while others are focused on the education of college students. In addition, there are some marine biology programs for adults, as well.

Some people know at a very young age that they want to learn more about the earth’s sea creatures and their habitat. Luckily, there are several summer camps that are designed specifically for students ages 12 – 18. It is up to the individual student and her family to look at all of the marine biology programs and choose what path they want to take. For example, one program offers mainly academic training in a classroom type setting, while another program includes SCUBA diving and sailing courses, as well. Some marine biology programs focus on the ecology and conservation of coral reefs, while others teach students how to collect samples and data from deeper ocean waters.


In order to become a marine biologist, college students must take the appropriate classes. Programs can be found at numerous colleges and universities across the globe. Some offer degrees in marine biology, while others simply offer a few courses geared toward marine biology. In most cases, students looking into marine biology programs should search for a college where both a master's and a doctoral degree are offered in the subject. A good program in marine biology will offer both instruction in a classroom setting and hands-on outdoor laboratory work, such as a semester-at-sea.

Sometimes adults want to learn more about marine conservation and biology. Programs for adults usually last a week and focus on a wide range of subjects, from the biodiversity of the oceans to marine-based photography. Sometimes a local aquarium will offer a single day programs for adults or entire families – with a focus on marine science, too.

There is a program in marine biology for every kind of person, whether she is interested in learning a few basics about marine ecology, gaining a deeper understanding of marine conservation, or hoping to make a career out of marine biology. Once a thorough search of the options is completed, finding the perfect fit will be easy. With so many kinds of marine biology programs, there is something for everyone.


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